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  1. craigus

    New to Linux, installing on IBM ThinkPad X31

    Just to follow up on Charles' CD-ROM comment, in old machines that can't natively boot USB, I use Plop boot manager to boot the USB: https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/intro.html It's easier as you don't need to burn a CD for each distro, just the one for Plop. Again, like Rufus, Plop has never failed me.
  2. craigus

    New to Linux, installing on IBM ThinkPad X31

    As you have a windows machine, try creating the bodhi boot USB media with Rufus: https://rufus.akeo.ie/ Choose the legacy boot option within Rufus when making the bootable USB. Rufus has yet to fail to make a bootable USB media for me.
  3. craigus

    failed to fetch andale32.exe on upgrade

    OK, thanks all.
  4. I couldn't find reference to this with a forum search, so sorry if it is a known thing. Just did an apt-get upgrade after update, and got this error: Otherwise, everything seems OK and the upgrade worked.
  5. craigus

    Excessive CPU useage by menu_cached process

    Excellent work - confirmed fixed on 4.3.1 legacy ..
  6. craigus

    Excessive CPU useage by menu_cached process

    Thanks for your efforts, ylee. I hope that you and those close to you will be OK during and after the weather event. In the meantime, I persist with my own innovative solution described earlier
  7. craigus


    I can confirm that The waiter's solution worked for me in 4.3.1 ...
  8. craigus

    Excessive CPU useage by menu_cached process

    My ugly kludge fix at the moment is to run /usr/bin/killall menu-cached from the root crontab every 5 minutes
  9. craigus

    CPU gets stuck?

    I experienced this today - 4.2.0 32 bit; htop showed multiple instances of menu-cached, each using about 6% CPU - total 100% CPU. I had used ePad in the session.
  10. craigus

    Ejecting media

    I've just struck this problem today with (4.2.0 32 bit). Right clicking and choosing eject or unmount gives the same permission error as using the eject symbol. The USB stick is automounted in /media ..
  11. My useage case for Bodhi is on older laptops (often 32 bit) and as a light but great linux VM. I haven't grabbed a new iso for a couple of years at least, but have just installed 4.2.0 legacy on a HP Pavilion zd8000 that was rescued from going to landfill. I'm really impressed. Up and going really quickly with the usual Broadcom shenanigans, great hardware detection otherwise and just works. Midori seems to have come leaps and bounds ahead in terms of stability. One thing that did seem a little odd was the key clicks I get when typing the user password in, in the software installer. They're not exactly synchronised with the key strokes and seem unnecessary. I imagine there's a way to turn that off. Apart from that tiny niggle, thanks again for a wonderful distro.
  12. craigus

    Stepping Down from the Bodhi Lead

    Thanks for all the hard work, Jeff. Hopefully you will be able to lurk as development continues with a new team.
  13. craigus

    Bodhi32 hangs when shutdown

    Have a look here: Ubuntu grub2 guide
  14. craigus

    WiFi Password Not Accepted

    Could you open a terminal and post the output of lsusb and ifconfig and iwconfig and iwlist scan ?