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  1. Configure 2nd Monitor over Xorg.conf

    Sorry i havent said anything for so long if ur refering to the "Monitor Settings" in the settings panel it only shows my main monitor
  2. Configure 2nd Monitor over Xorg.conf

    Hm ok any ideas how i have to change the xorg file ???
  3. Configure 2nd Monitor over Xorg.conf

    Hi all I've got 2 Screens but unfortunatly i can only plug one into my Grafic Card so i have to plug the other one into the VGA Slot of my Motherboard now i try to make use of both screens and need some help i found a coule of Wiki entries about the Xorg.conf file and well created a new one with both monitors in it but im not sure about the drivers and all that stuff all the devices and monitors that have either a 0 or somehow are Nvidia were preconfigured by the Nvidia installer all the things with a 1, intel or samsung are the entries i added now i dont want to kill my screen with a wrong config file so it would be really nice if someone could read over it and help me a little bit somehow i couldnt attach the files, so i uploaded them here MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/?7vjofu075qpx7 Pastebin: Xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/TcBs2KJc XorgNEW.conf: http://pastebin.com/mhVjuszS Thanks D4rth B4n3
  4. Need Logo for FB Fan Page

    Hi Guys me and some friends are hosting LAN-Parties in our area and well the last one we did was a 8 men party (thats really sad !!!!) so we said we open up a facebook Fan Page. well thing is we re all good in setting up a LAN party but our lets say art skills are pretty basic ... (i draw really nice stickfigures ). so what we need is someone who is really good at drawing and got some free time cuz we cant really pay anything (sorry bout that but with the last party we almost couldnt pay the room and power we used). we would also need a cover photo. so if someone is interested we are called OnEtherNet for the Logo we would need our name written in a lets say computer style hacker style something that u would associate with computers. also the color blue would be nice since our new web site style will be with lots of blue for the cover photo we re totally open (just it needs to be somthing with computers) so if someone is interesed we would be really thankfull D4rth B4n3
  5. Desktop of the Week #82

    ok thats not fair i mean the last weeks all the pics were well quite nice but this week there three WOW pics and u can only vote for one just that u know it i love txemijendrix and plusdm as much as TheEdward
  6. Looking for someone to help maintain our E17 Guide

    Well if there is a specific question or something to do i ll always help just write me on the irc
  7. Hirbernation Fails

    When i click Hibernation i can see that it saves the files and shuts down but when i start it up again it doesnt load the files it just boots as if i wouldn't have hibernated it tafi said that i need more swap space then i have RAM i now have more but it still doesnt work (i know there is not a lot of information in this post but i dont know what you need for information is there a logfile where something like that would shoe up ??? ) what can i do ?
  8. I tried to set the screen resolution to 1400x900 (my default) because a game changed it. so i want into Start > Settings > All > Screen > Screen Resolution and got following error "Missing Features Your X Display Server is missing support for the XRandR (X Resize and Rotate) extension. You cannot change the screen resolution without the support of this extension. It could also be that at the time ecore was built, there was no XRandr support detected." Also when i start for example gedit over the terminal i get this output: darkphantom@coruscant:~$ gedit Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0". any ideas what is wrong ??? ok here is the Xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/zQMZJx3P i added the line RandRRotation true that not there normaly but i cant test it atm so idk if it works
  9. Continue the fight against SOPA

    i agree that you should do something quick the only thing i'm concerned is how much would that "bill/law" get abused and so on but your totaly right the lawfull way is a slow one
  10. gaming on Linux

    it would be awsome if there would be more gaming support for linux that the only reason i'm running windows on my computer ... to play games!!! wine is... ok but a lot of games just dont run smoothly and that makes me mad so i dont wanna play them and so on
  11. What's the story behind your username?

    Well Darth Bane is a sith lord in Star Wars he lived about 2000 standart years before the clone wars and invented the rule of two (one master one student) i'm a star wars fan and thats my favourite charakter the pic i have actually goes with my other nick DarkPhantom first it was DeepPhantom but i didn't like the Deep part so i changed it the Phantom part is basically because i like anonymity and so on yeah and the pic was the first one that came up by a google search EDIT: here a link for interested people to read a little about him http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Bane there are also 3 boo written about him
  12. Software Piracy Project

    yeah and thats the sad thing ... but we're living in capitalism (btw is india capitalism or more communism ? never thought about that) i just hope that linux stays and doesnt get crushed by some profit hungry company (but i think my concerns are baseless ) well tommorow i can tell u what the students think about that stuff i'm really looking forward to that D4rth B4n3
  13. Bodhi Dogs

    Yeah my host family just got pupys they're so CUTE http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php?quickkey=50ptxv2erlxv8ho so the one on my lap is Yogi and the one in front of me is Georgy
  14. Software Piracy Project

    Thanks for all the replies my presentation got moved to monday so i'm gonna finish it up tonight its really interesting to see that most people here "hate" (if i may say that) SOPA/PIPA. i thought a lot about these bills and one question just didn't go away. so there is a senator https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamar_S._Smith who is 65 years old and had one other bill about technologie. i'm just wondering how much he knows about these things because my grandma (who is 6 years older) doesn't even know how to start a computer. not that old people cant do it its just not as common you know. I also have a lot of music and i normaly copy it from friends or download it from youtube and if I like I go buy the album. also I've read Elw3's link(s) and what most of the authers say is that they actually don't profit from more sold albums because most contracts are buyout contracts so the only person who really profits is the publisher [ironic]Most heard pro SOPA/PIPA argument is that the Authors should profit more so that creativity gets boosted.[/ironic]
  15. Software Piracy Project

    I'm doing a school project about Software Piracy & Copyright as a port of that project i have to interview people and i thought that would be a nice way to get a little information about how popular Copyright is (I know that this is a linux forum and Linux is GPL etc. but still interesting) if you want to give me a full interview answer following questions and send it to me via e-mail (dessel.bane@gmx.de) : Interview Questions 1. Do you think it is right to have copyright? 2. What do you think about SOPA and PIPA? 3. Do you think the economy would be better if there wouldn’t be anyone getting his/her staff illegal? 4. Did you ever have a copyright issue? 5. Do you think organizations like “The Pirate Bay” are creating a lot of crime? i need this on friday so pls send me the e-mail till thursday you can remain anonymus if you want that and if you dont want to take the time for a full interview i would be very thankfull for a little response over the Poll I always love to hear you opinion soo the more comments the better Thanks for all your replys D4rth B4n3 pls answer the poll befor you read the comments so that it really your opinion