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    Real-time kernel - feature request

    Sure! It's (natty). There is a newer one, v.3.1 built for oneric, which I haven't tried, but it might work just fine too. As Jeff already explained, a real-time or low-latency kernel is required for audio production. And, AFAIC, for the sake of better performance it might be configured and compiled without some portions code. This means, that such a kernel may not support some (rather rare) hardware. That is the only drawback I can think of.
  2. Hi! I've had a BodhiLinux set up on a relatively small partition just to give it a try, but it turns out to work flawlessly, absolutely the way I want it to. How can I move it to a bigger partition on a different drive without having to set up everything again?
  3. 123@qwe

    Real-time kernel - feature request

    Hi, Jeff! All the rt-kernels I see in Synaptic are outdated v.2.6.31-32. Those are pretty slow, somewhat buggy and don't support modern hardware well. I've just installed an excellent abogani lowlatency kernel, and it outperforms anything I've ever tried. I get a latency of 1.4 msec, running jackd2, Hydrogen, guitarix and Ardour with NO x-runs whatsoever!!! I'm totally amazed how clear, fast, responsive and configurable the BodhiLinux is! Great job, Jeff! Thanx a lot!
  4. 123@qwe

    Real-time kernel - feature request

    Hi, bitflow! It's good to know, I'm not alone here ) I've tried DreamStudio, which is based on Ubuntu 11.04, and they've got it right with the audio latency. Ardour, guitarix, jackd, hydrogen and other work flawlessly with the audio signal, but the whole system is way too sloooowwww, especially when one is used to the swift and lightweight system, like the Bodhi Linux. Well, mac is awesome, but I'm fond of Enlightment environment and miss it, when I get to work with other OSs. I wish the bodhi team would come up with some workaround here...
  5. Hello! I've installed Bodhi linux since v. 1.1 came out and love it! I use it as my main system for almost everything, but music studio. Well, yes, you can install and run jackd, ardour and other good stuff, but without the RT kernel all the good features of linux audio creation software are almost useless. I believe, a real-time kernel would surely make Bodhi the best of the best linux distro. I mean, it's fast, slick, functional, flexible, exceeding in its usability and ergonomics any major linux distro (and I've tried 'em all! ). I'm not skilled at compiling and/or configuring sources, but surely can help testing a rt-kernel. BTW, AVLinux team figured out a way of using IRQ Threading instead of applying rt-patches and it seems to work fine. Unfortunately, their kernels do not run well (if at all) on Bodhi, which I prefer.