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  1. cc_INC

    How Linux is Built

    Yeah saw this Yesterday and shared it on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Fascinating vid!!
  2. cc_INC

    Share your desktop!

    PS. That's Xfce instead of E17. Am I cheating now?
  3. cc_INC

    Share your desktop!

    Keeping it minimalism and sober as usual
  4. cc_INC

    Service Pack 4 Bod

    Worked like a charm!! Thanks for the help and support!!
  5. cc_INC

    Bodhi on Linux.com!

  6. cc_INC

    JACK default config

    In my experience JACK itself always needs a bit of fiddling around with because there is no default setting that will work out of the box unless you are running one of the distro's mentioned in their "Distributions that are known to get this completely right include:" section. I did install the RT Kernel because it works for me. That is always my approach, just do whatever works. I understand you are disappointed or even pissed. Perhaps if we look at Jeff & Co with some puppy eyes they might also "get it right" with the next update/release. I use JACK with Mixxx to DJ and with Qtractor. For some reason I can't get it to work with LMMS, but assigning ALSA to LMMS worked for me. I got sound and I get to do what I need and want to do. But I can definitely understand that it's frustrating.
  7. cc_INC

    JACK default config

    I believe sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-rt Gets the Real Time Kernel on to your Bodhi system. Configuring JACK depends on your Hardware/Soundcard. I tinkered with it until I got no more errors in the message window.
  8. cc_INC

    Updating to 1.40 version-Done

    I'm sure Jeff & Co will hook you up!!
  9. cc_INC

    What software do you use?

    Bodhi Xfce Lappy Edition: Currently Thunderbird Firefox XChat IRC Transmission Dropbox Abiword Gnumeric JACK Control Audacity LMMS Vlc Wine open MODplug Tracker (in Wine) Mixxx GIMP Xfburn Leafpad Thunar File Manager This weekend I will install Bodhi on the only Windows powered PC in the studio. Mostly gonna install audio production software like Qtracker, Aurdore, LMMS and Audacity. I still use Windows XP just to press record and to export my tracks to my MacBook. Start up time is awefull on that box. I can easily go get some IceCream, pick a flower and smell it on the way back before I start recording. It's a P4 Machine
  10. cc_INC

    Software Request Thread

    Aw, that's too bad. No biggie tho, gonna try and get it another way. I already tried adding the PPA but it came back with a 404 error Maybe compiling it from source, keep you up to date.
  11. cc_INC

    Software Request Thread

    I'm having an issue. I installed Polly trough Synaptic but for some reason can't seem to get it started When I type polly in the terminal I get nada and couldn't find it with my application finder. Could it be because I'm using Xfce instead of E17?
  12. cc_INC

    Software Request Thread

    Yaay!! Thanks a lot Jeff! Much appreciated.
  13. cc_INC

    Will Bodhi use the MATE fork as Linux Mint?

    Installing Xfce is pretty straight forward: sudo apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies Log out and select Xfce to start customizing.
  14. cc_INC

    New Laptop

    Wow, thank you for sharing! You confirmed my thoughts, cheers.
  15. cc_INC

    New Laptop

    Gee thanks for the tips man! It is a very tight budget indeed, it's not like I'm poor or anything But being a dad I must admit my priorties have drasticly shifted. So that being said, it's obvious that I'm not looking for the newest machine out there. There have been some links referring to Genesi on this forum, so I was wondering if that would be anything for me. Given ofcourse if the EFIKA MX Smartbook has matte screen. The thing about Netbooks is the Hard Drive space. I have tons of tracks and I'm not sure that will fit on a Netbook. But I agree, processing-wise and power-management-wise almost anything out there is an upgrade. I am well aware of this Thanks again for your tip. I will add it to the list of suggestions.