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  1. quamenzullo

    [solved] Update stuck on grub-pc (Terminal timeout)

    Everything is back fine. I did take a screenshot before my first post, the dialog is not visible, it certainly showed up under the terminal, what was maximized, not only under synaptic, because I moved it and would have seen this dialog if it was only under synaptic. Thanks again and sorry for this annoyance!
  2. quamenzullo

    [solved] Update stuck on grub-pc (Terminal timeout)

    So I finally killed the synaptic process, in order to run these commands. At that moment, a dialog box showed up (I think it was hidden by the others windows on the same desktop, and as I don't use any task bar, I couldn't see it). So I guess it was nothing completely wrong, at last. So, I have run the commands you advised, now I need them No news from grub-pc, though. Thank you for your quick answer. I'll turn this thread as solved when everything is finished, unless I cannot reboot.
  3. Hello, I don't know why, I started synaptic from a terminal today and started an update (hadn't done so for a while). Now it gets stuck on a warning message than comes repeatedly in the terminal where synaptic was launched from: ** (synaptic:12408): WARNING **: no statusfd changes/content updates in terminal for 120 seconds ** (synaptic:12408): WARNING **: TerminalTimeout in step: Configuration de grub-pc (amd64) while in synaptic's "inner" terminal, it is stuck at grub-pc for a while: Paramétrage de grub-common (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.7) ... update-rc.d: warning: start and stop actions are no longer supported; falling back to defaults Paramétrage de grub2-common (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.7) ... Paramétrage de grub-pc-bin (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.7) ... Paramétrage de grub-pc (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.7) ... What should I do? I am afraid, if I restart the computer, it doesn't boot anymore...
  4. quamenzullo

    [Solved] Moksha Segfault

    Hello everyone, I've read this thread with attention since I experience quite clearly the same problem. After the restart, all applications are fine, except LibreOffice, that does not look completely crashed, it just can't display anything but the title bar. I have to close and restart it. So far, the documents are always recovered, but that's annoying. So I was wondering if anything new has been found since the last post? Also, are these lines from Astroboy reports not relevant? ERR<eo>lib/eo/eo.c:462 in lib/edje/edje_object.eo.c:338: func 'edje_obj_signal_e mit' (719) could not be resolved for class 'Efl_Canvas_Group' Doesn't they look like a bug in the edje library?
  5. Didn't check for Bodhi 3.1, but I just installed Bodhi 4.0 and had the same problem. Doing Charles' solution did solve the problem (after a reboot). And for information there's a typo in the wget link. The code including the correct link is this one: wget http://media-cdn.ubuntu-de.org/forum/attachments/04/32/2480236-Broadcom_Firmware.tar.gz sudo tar xvf 2480236-Broadcom_Firmware.tar.gz -C /lib/firmware/ (Cannot mention this in the ubuntu forums, since their thread is closed) And a happy new year to everyone!
  6. quamenzullo

    Tcl/Tk programming

    I think you have to install synaptic in order to use it. It provides an easy way to search for packages. Seems there is a lot of packages relating to fortran.
  7. quamenzullo

    atom text editor?

    Another cool feature of atom: it checks the git branch you're working on. Its name is displayed at the bottom. Plus you can see how many lines have changed since the last commit on this branch; and you can easily spot which lines were changed because a colored line appears left of them (right to the lines' numbers). Also, if you (stash and then) checkout another branch, atom just updates the files it's displaying, without showing a warning message (like geany does). Yes, a classes navigator (for python) is really missing! I've read one of the devs said atom is not an IDE but only a text editor. OK, but it has sooo cool features to work on code... Now as there are plugins for classes navigators for other languages, I hope there will be one for python too, soon.
  8. quamenzullo

    atom text editor?

    Atom shows up in the package manager! Thank you very much!
  9. quamenzullo

    atom text editor?

    Hum, atom has the multiple-pane feature that geany doesn't have (this doesn't matter much to me, but needs to be mentioned I think).
  10. quamenzullo

    atom text editor?

    Yes I use it since a while. Atom just looks nicer. The same font looks "softer" to read. There's more space for the code too. Geany is a bit lighter than Atom (not much, but a little bit). And it has a classes navigator, Atom really misses it. Both have some features out of the box that the other doesn't have, but can be found in the plugins everytime.
  11. quamenzullo

    Impossible connect to Wi-Fi network

    From reading these topics (now available again) I would check these outputs: rfkill list all cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
  12. quamenzullo

    Internet connection with wifi

    You seem to have the very same wireless than the one of this topic.
  13. quamenzullo

    Impossible connect to Wi-Fi network

    At the moment the ubuntu forums are unreachable, but it seems there's a solution here and here (don't know if it's the same though).
  14. quamenzullo

    atom text editor?

    Oh, then, well I don't want to overload you with work. I couldn't resist to try to install it. Didn't break anything (there was only one dependency to gvfs-bin, that had a kind of conflict with something else, sudo apt-get install -f did solve the problem), so, so far it's ok. It looks like Sublime, yes. But it's free software. Not as complete as Sublime, though. But it's possible to add some features that seem to miss (like a project manager... or latex syntax highlighting). No classes navigator for python yet, unfortunately (some plugins exist for php, ruby...).
  15. quamenzullo

    Set PCManFM as default file manager in firefox

    Many thanks!