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  1. I usually do,separate my files from the system files to avoid losing significant files that I need, ..I've noticed bodhi using ubuntu 10.04,..I thought it was 11.04,..no wonder some hardwares are still missing ,.. Anyway thank you for your time, hippytaff I'll post again the outcome of my search in google,.. HAVE HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  2. I always use those commands everytime I get connected to the internet and others suggest that I should install the driver for my bluetooth like what Charles said but I dont know how?, ... what if I crash my system?,.. I do every installation from the net over and over again,.. that is what I'm avoiding right now,.
  3. thanks for the help Charles, I'll try to test that if it is the real thing the listed devices in the lspci are the ones that are PRESENT in the system...but you know whats missing?,.. the bluetooth built in adapter... and I am looking through google for the drivers on how it can be found,.. In windows it detects the device if it doesnt work or not in the device manager... notification is not working also... and there is also another problem, the battery widget dont work too,after I configure, there is still N/A while using battery...HMMMMMMM!!!..
  4. I still don't think Bluetooth is not working quite well in bodhi,..my built in adapter just wont turn on...BUT I recently found a BLUETOOTH TOGGLE in the KEYS setup in the INPUT section of the system settings that needs to be assigned,..the only problem is it has no action parameters from the CLI...I wonder if there is a fix to this ,..How can I make it WORK?!..Bluez keep telling me there is no adapter!,NO DAEMON..Oh,Come ON!,.. its in my system!! ,.bluetooth can't just sit inside my system not working,..how can I turn it ON?!, there must be a WAY!... But HOW?!!! If someone has a great IDEA on how to fix this... I will truly appreciate your good work man!!
  5. @Anlem I have installed blueman and bluez complete packages but my hardware is the real problem...I cant find a way on how it was disabled... @Meji_d this is a built in bluetooth adapter,..when I try to press the F+key combo for the wireless hardware,it only turns off wifi adapter but BT adapter was like nothing was there,..does this need a driver like that proprietary stuff for ATI that needs to be installed just for the device to function itself, ..
  6. Hi Guys I need some help with my bluetooth adapter, I have been searching the web on how I could make it work but I just got no particular answer, I tried lspci: and also lsusb: then hcitool dev: wireless was detected but haven't tested if it finds networks, bluetooth would be a waste if I dont use it,(I use it quite often!) BTW bluetooth driver I was using in Windows was Bluetooth Atheros 6.15.0322.0301 ANY HELP WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED
  7. +Fold

    [SOLVED] installation crashed!

    Thanks Aeonius! that video was really useful in my installation...but now I have a new problem, Its not specifically for this thread so I'll search for the answer in the forum, but for the meantime I'll be closing this thread THANKS EVERY BODHI
  8. +Fold

    [SOLVED] installation crashed!

    YOUR RIGHT,pghjake...MY HARDWARE!!...I've tested the Bodhi on my brothers laptop and it installed absolutely FINE,..I was thinking about installing this on an external...hmmmmmm.....I WONDER, Timmy I did verify the md5 and it was a match but found out that it was my hardware...
  9. Hello Bodhi I just wanna report this error I've been with this error for 3 days now, is there a FIX for this BUG?,it happened to me with ubuntu 11.10 I would truly appreciate the help! I've also did re-download and tried that memtest, chkdsk in windows and fsck in linux...just had no luck at all