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  1. Wallet module for Moksha?

    You could use lastpass. It works on all platforms.
  2. System freezes after last update!

    Menu/Settings/Composite then click the rendering tab and select software rendering
  3. System freezes after last update!

    Same here no module.comp.* files but i did find e_comp.* files in the default and bodhi profiles will delete those and see if it fix the system freezes I've actually been using another distro that delivers e19because i got tired of having multiple freezes a day, was thinking about a reinstall but have no time for that
  4. Things Moksha Could do Better

    Don't really care for the menu cause i mostly search with everything but it looks indeed very old fashioned and cluttered Most important to me are a decent systray (ex window users can't live without) and an easy to use launcher.
  5. alarm clock not working

    Seems a bit of work but fun to play with. This can actually turn your linux system into a real alarm clock your system will even wake up to sound the alarm when it is shutdown. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1714793
  6. Clock Text and Run Everything (twice)

    You can setup the everything launcher in 'everything configuration' panel. For each plugin you can enable/disable them and make them show or not in 'All' or 'Top Level' You can also assign plugin triggers if you want a plugin not to show in All and Top Level but still want it available in the launcher.
  7. User Account Prefs - Where?

    Put the picture you want to use in the users homedir and name it .face.icon Should work.
  8. disable menus on shelf and ibar

    Think the only way to do that is edit the source code. Another way to go round this issue is save the settings in a profile so you can easily restore them (like on every login or by script)
  9. Clear and restore Desktop from iBar?

    Ctrl + Alt + D is the default to show/hide desktop.
  10. Unable to unmount

    Try reformatting the pendrive if possible solved my issue with the one who caused troubles with pcmanfm for me.
  11. Installed synaptic but no root privileges?

    Remove the file /usr/share/applications/synaptic-kde.desktop it doesn't work. There's also /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop which works so leave that one in place.
  12. Systray icons

    Deadbeef needs mpris plugin to work with the music control module, you can find it here: http://deadbeef-mpris.sourceforge.net/ To placement of the window buttons is determined by the e19 theme so if you want them on the left you either find a theme who puts them there or hack the default theme to change it. Remember e19 is actually a window manager that got enhanced into a desktop, desktops like kde and gnome offer these options but compared to e use a lot more resources from your system to run. It's all about choices made by the developers.
  13. Unable to unmount

    I had the same with only one of my pendrives formatting it fixed the issue. In terminal it always worked though. What's the output if you try to unmount it from the terminal?
  14. Is Places Module deprecated?

    Tried this in places setting but nothing happens when usb media is inserted.
  15. [Solved] Brasero Seem Broken

    Seems to be a bug in gconf with running gtk apps as root that's been around for awhile now. Try running following command to set the permissions to that directory and file back to the user: sudo chown -R 1000:1000 /run/user/1000/dconf/ and try Brasero again.