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  1. try downgrading bcmwl-kernel-source to Have a Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n [14e4:4365] (rev 01) and newest package gave me lots of disconnects. Locked to previous version
  2. Keyboard Module

    I'm old enough to get offended by this Elw3 or teach a bunch of kiddos how discriminating is to oversee populations based on their language barrier. Exactly what a linux driven community should be right power users? Egocentric? Isolating? Elitist? I always show respect for people doing this and the efforts and private time spent. Never ever complained in 17 years of solely using linux in my life. Always try to help back in any way I can but such behavior is purely ανήθικη. I speak 4 languages and my wife 3. Guess I'll have to explain to her how real men do it on keyboard just to chat with her relatives or browse Одноклассники. but then... glad I'm not your average user
  3. Keyboard Module

    tossing a broken module is one thing but overlooking the need to easy swap layouts just because it doesn't fall in the idea of your average user is almost insulting
  4. Keyboard Module

    Excuse me but are we questioning the use of visual and practical language(s) keyboard toggle in a desktop environment? Am I missing something? Is that Redhat 6 all over again?
  5. Keyboard Module

    what do you mean Jeff with system keyboard settings? If the module is not loaded you can't change keyboard settings... (you mean setxkbmap?) Have this problem too on a machine and can't figure out why
  6. Favorite A Bash Script?

    create a personal application launcher and then put it wherever you like Menu/Settings/All/Apps/Personal Application Launcher.... add a new launcher of your script
  7. where I find the theme green onyx for E19?

    here you are : a-19-bodhi-green-onix
  8. Share your Desktop

    nite nite
  9. Share your Desktop

  10. Restructuring the Quick Start Guide for Moksha

    It is almost ready... What's going on with the eepdater thing in moksha? does it work?
  11. Restructuring the Quick Start Guide for Moksha

    I can help..
  12. Gotta luv how microsoft works...

    I'm aware of some issues reported but in my case on 64 UEFI after an installation of windows worked fine on 2 machines with bodhi3. It's just easy boot/fix rather than chrooting and updating grub .... whatever works
  13. Gotta luv how microsoft works...

    boot your favorite bodhi live iso, install and run boot-repair and voila
  14. Small Image Editing Request

    You mean this?