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  1. sef

    uefi boot bodhi live linux disc

    Yes. If you see that menu option, it means that you are booting in UEFI mode and the install will also be a UEFI installation.
  2. Glad to hear you got it sorted. And welcome to the forums!
  3. Maybe try clearing out all of your window "remembers" and locks? I'm not really sure if this will work, it's just kind of a wild guess.
  4. sef

    Member Map back from the dead...

    Is there any way to not have it show up in the unread content section?
  5. sef

    How to reinstall a 32bit Bodhi, please?

    Yes you can install the apppack in a vanilla bodhi installation by doing sudo apt-get install bodhi-apppack It will install a bunch of packages essentially making your OS a 'bodhi 32-bit app-pack'. Also, you can install the kernel of your choice as well. When you've installed the new one, reboot your machine into the new kernel and uninstall the old one if you wish. I like to keep one backup kernel on my machines in case something goes screwy with the one I'm currently using.
  6. You certainly insinuated it by saying "There are many more such controversial packages installed be basic." On second thought of my previous post, rather than take us at our word, please do investigate thoroughly what every package does. If you find something suspicious, please post your findings back here. However don't post anything unless you have substantial evidence. Evidence here is key, you must bear in mind that we are trying to be compatible with many hardware configurations throughout the world so include those many hardware configurations in your evidence as well. Please be thorough, investigate every line of code, all inputs and outputs, and report back when you're done.
  7. sef


    Sometimes it depends on your state of mind at the moment. Often I've "fixed it til it's broke", then I've had to "fix it til it's fixed"!
  8. Load up any other linux Live ISO and look at the packages on them. We will not seem so scary to you anymore. Certain packages depend on other packages. Like a pyramid of aluminum cans, if you take out one of the bottom cans the whole pyramid will crumble. (this has already been covered, sorry for my redundancy) Many intelligent people use Bodhi as their OS. Do you think we would be able to fool all of them if we were doing something sneaky? Our distro would not last a month if that were the case! We would be found out. If you stick with linux, some day you will blush when you look back on this. Don't embarrass yourself.
  9. There are already plenty of scholars helping you out on this issue, but I just wanted to also post that sometimes it helps to run the command sudo apt-get install -f It has helped me many times when an install goes wrong somehow. Also, here is a good little introductory guide on how to use "apt-get" in the terminal to install software: https://www.lifewire.com/ubuntu-command-line-package-apt-get-2205716 It covers the basics of command line software installation, which is what many linux users do as opposed to using a gui. Good luck, stick with it and some day you will be a long way forward from where you are now. It will pay off in the long run.
  10. sef

    E menu right side hack

    I think I'm in this boat. On one hand it's good to have more users, which lends to more features and development. However on the other hand, the more users, the more viruses, trojans, malware, etc that will be developed to try to target all of those users. (Sorry, not trying to steer this post off-track. Just had to get my 2 cents in there!)
  11. sef

    Moksha pulsemixer update

    As long as I can "turn it up to 11" I'm good. (Oh, I amuse myself)
  12. sef

    Long entries menu issue solved?

    So then I'm assuming without looking, that you have wine installed as well as some windows software along with it? I'm not too familiar with wine, but I *think* that any installed windows software would also hold thru a bodhibuilder build. Maybe someone more familiar can chime in on that. But I do see your point about the media needing to fit only on a CD. After all that is one of the great things about Bodhi is that it works with most old hardware, and personally I would hate to take that away. I think that if one were to play around with bodhibuilder a bit, they would be able to get familiar with it. I have to admit that the man page could use some more info, and there isn't exactly any tutorial about it, but if you have any questions you can always post something in the forums and we'll all be glad to help. I have a custom menu set up on my system, but I think bodhibuilder-gtk can be launched from the menu @ Applications -> System Tools -> bodhibuilder.
  13. sef

    Long entries menu issue solved?

    I created a man page that may be helpful.
  14. sef

    Long entries menu issue solved?

    'bodhibuilder' or 'bodhibuilder-gtk' serves the same purpose as Remastersys. (It's a fork of remastersys that we've tweaked to use on *buntu variants of 12.x, 14.x & 16.x - and soon 18.x) Using bodhibuilder, you could create a 'dist' iso with all of the installed programs you wish to have, saving bandwidth and maybe time for the users installing your OS. After install of the iso, you could simply run a customized deb file that you have pre-packaged to roll out all of your config files and tweaked files, etc, which would likely be a very small deb file. That deb file could possibly be installed automatically after installation. It would have to be installed using the file /etc/bodhibuilder/firstboot/file-firstboot, in the section between the lines "### Place your custom commands below this line" & "### Place your custom commands above this line". (/etc/bodhibuilder/firstboot/file-firstboot is a script that runs only once on the first boot after installation and never again) You could add something in that section like 'dpkg -i /path/to/escuelas_customization.deb'. You should play around with bodhibuilder a bit and see if it could suit your purposes. It comes installed on bodhi already.
  15. sef

    Bodhi 2.40 and 3.2.1 System requirements

    We haven't implemented that feature to Bodhi. Besides, just my 2c, but I think it's best to try out a distro in a live environment first to make sure it at least works in that regard.