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  1. bob rashkin

    Thank goodness for Bodhi

    When I bought a refurbished ACER notebook that came with W-10 I was physically ill, anxious, sweaty, slightly nauseated, until I wiped it and installed Bodhi. Then there was peace.
  2. bob rashkin

    Caliber Construction

    Nice work. I certainly can't see any mistakes!
  3. bob rashkin

    Bodhi 4.4.0 Released

    sometimes (maybe always?) you have to refresh/restart Moksha before the new version shows up in "About Bodhi Linux".
  4. bob rashkin

    Ignorance is not bliss, it's annoying...

    I used to work in an office. That is, I am retired now but I used to work. For some 40 years I worked in various technical positions: graduate research assistant, geophysical contractor, aerospace contractor. I never wore a tie, much less a suit, except on special and rare occasions (and even then not always). Some people I worked with did, because they liked it. What was paramount, however, in all of the various environments, was "collegiality". I never met anyone who was so good (not even me) that his or her contributions would compensate for complete A--holery. What constitutes "collegiality" changes: with time, with context, with the makeup of the group even. The best people adapt to the situation. In my experience, the situation NEVER adapts to the individual.
  5. bob rashkin

    Bodhi Linux

    Would that be like GTK?
  6. bob rashkin

    Help Cleaning up the Wiki

    Great job!
  7. bob rashkin

    analog clock widget

    Hey Stefan, I didn't (don't) know how to just upgrade the theme so I did a dist-upgrade. At that point it still manifested the same problem but I suppose that is reasonable since I didn't reload Moksha. Since that ALWAYS works, I did reboot. The widget worked, but again, I think that was the previous behavior. So I did some normal activities. It's still working. This is what we call a "null experiment". I think it's fixed but all can say is I haven't seen the "bad" behavior since the upgrade. Great work as always!
  8. bob rashkin

    analog clock widget

    Well that's weird. I don't think restarting Moksha is any easier than refreshing the shelf so that's fine. I guess it's my hardware.
  9. bob rashkin

    analog clock widget

    This is a very minor problem. In fact, it's even a minor annoyance, not a problem at all. I'm using the Moksha Green theme, ever since Stephan fixed the numeric display on the power monitor widget (thanks again for that). I changed the clock to analog because I like it better than the digital time display (I'm the poster boy for Old School). Now when I click it to bring up the clock app (to see the date for instance) nothing happens. I have to click the shelf and Refresh, then it works. If I switch back to digital, it works fine. I switch back to analog and clicking does nothing until I refresh the shelf. As I said, it's barely even an annoyance but it there it is.
  10. bob rashkin

    Browser vs Mail, Convent, will Ya All?

    Interesting. I was unable, up until a few weeks ago, to open Yahoo in Chromium. Then I think I updated. I'm not sure about that but now Chromium is able to open Yahoo. All along I could open Gmail and Hotmail (Outlook) in Chromium and all of them in Firefox.
  11. bob rashkin

    audio and video in Firefox

    @Birdmun That is odd. I even wrote to Yahoo support and, while completely unhelpful, they agreed that Chromium was not supported.
  12. bob rashkin

    audio and video in Firefox

    GWiz: I haven't loaded Synaptic either:) Waiter: much obliged as always.
  13. bob rashkin

    audio and video in Firefox

    Actually, I hadn't even installed it. After I couldn't find it in the App Center, I googled around and thought I read it wasn't needed. What is the magic spell to install it?
  14. bob rashkin

    audio and video in Firefox

    What ho Bodhistas? This is a very minor problem; the workaround is Chromium, but it's a little vexing. I originally loaded Chromium and that worked fine -- until Yahoo mail stopped letting me use the old interface and insisted I use a supported browser (Google Chrome is ok but Chromiumn is not). So I loaded Firefox which I've always (at least 15 years) loved and that got me to Yahoo mail. BUT, I can't play videos or even audio on Tunein. I tried looking for settings but nothing I found has been useful. Is this a thing?
  15. bob rashkin

    Not Software Request

    Good luck.