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  1. Dick

    Bodhi 2.x.y Software Request Thread

    Luckily we are very patient people here at Bodhi headquarters
  2. Dick

    Bodhi 2.x.y Software Request Thread

    Could you please update Minitube? Software Name: Minitube Requested Version Number: 2.0 Current version Number: 1.9 Link to Software Homepage: http://flavio.tordini.org/minitube Link to Source Code: http://flavio.tordini.org/minitube/minitube-sources Link to Debian Package Source Code of requested version for the Ubuntu LTS base that the current Bodhi is built on (12.04 for 2.x.y Thanks!
  3. Dick

    Bodhi 2.x.y Software Request Thread

    Could you please add Torrent Search to the repo's? A program to search for torrents. Software Name: Torrent Search Requested Version Number: 0.11.2 Link to Software Homepage: http://torrent-searc...eforge.net/home Link to Source Code: https://torrent-sear...t-search/trunk/ Link to Debian Package Source Code of requested version for the Ubuntu LTS base that the current Bodhi is built on (12.04 for 2.x.y) Thanks!
  4. Dick

    Weird things on eee pc 701!

    This is exactly what I was experiencing and solved with the steps described here (see under heading 1001PX). Maybe you can give it a try. If it doesn't work you can always turn back the changes you made. It's worth a try I think.
  5. Dick

    Weird things on eee pc 701!

    Could you please describe (again) what the shutdown dimming problem is? If I shutdown or reboot Bodhi my screen dims but I don't see this as a problem since this stays for just a second or two. Or do you have another issue?
  6. Dick

    Weird things on eee pc 701!

    The screen is also dimming on my eeePC 1001PX when shutting down. I don't have any problem with that. I did have an issue that my brightness setting wouldn't stick but I have found a solution and described it here. Maybe this will help?
  7. Dick

    Desktop of the Week #78

    My vote goes to......AntCer! Nice icons and color scheme. BTW: What are those Nearby WiFi Frequencies windows?
  8. Dick


    From changelog of Midori 0.4.7: "Log bookmarks, history and downloads to zeitgeist"
  9. Dick


    Can you "un-depen" it?
  10. Dick


    In my case it was when I tried to update Midori when Synaptic wanted to install Zeitgeist.
  11. Dick


    Good question! I was wondering the same thing. There is probably a lot to say for and against it. I would like to know if this is recommended by the Bodhi users and makers. Anyone? Personally I think it is wasting the little resources I have on my netbook. But maybe I'm missing something?
  12. Dick

    bodhi versnellen?

    Welkom Timware op het Bodhi forum! Als je Bodhi nog sneller wilt laten draaien dan is de belangrijkste stap om geen composite manager te gebruiken. Zet deze uit in je instellingen of gebruik een ander profile (zonder composite). Zie ook hier. Verder even dit: het forum is Engelstalig omdat de meeste mensen dit spreken. Dus om de meeste support te krijgen is het handig om je vraag in het Engels te stellen (indien mogelijk uiteraard). Uiteraard kun je altijd in je eigen taal je vraag stellen, alleen zijn er dan minder mensen die je kunnen antwoorden.
  13. Dick

    Desktop of the Week #75

    My vote is for LKJ because it's orange! And it is also a nice, clean, minimalism desktop.
  14. Dick

    [Solved] Wallpaper window too small

    Thanks Jeff! I updated and the issue is now solved. It's amazing how fast sometimes these issues are solved. Nobody can beat that!! It now looks like this:
  15. If I try to change the wallpaper (background) of the desktop and try to add a picture a second window opens which can't be resized. It wants to show a lot of information which doesn't fit in the small window. Since resizing is not possible it is very difficult to use. Is anybody else also experiencing this? I did try other themes but that didn't solve the issue.