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  1. kuuko

    wierd UI behaviour with eepDater

    Sadly all my time is taken by my job for the time being. I had a few hours of free time today and I saw a message from ylee with a link to this forum thread, so I came to take a peek. Hopefully someone will pick this up, at least to get the easier parts of the task done in eepdater. Now it's back to regular scheduling for me. If someone does start working on it and you have questions about Python-EFL or anything related, I can be reached on Bodhi Discord. But don't expect a speedy answer. Yeah... some insight into this could be gleamed from Terminology. Emulate what its code is doing, in Python. But really the easiest way to go is to shove an xterm into a window. There's some interesting ways to control it, anyone interested should check man xterm $DESKTOP is set right after we put our PANTS on, at https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha/blob/master/src/bin/e_main.c#L328 About dialog contents not showing up until resized sounds like a bug in EFL. We all do our part the best we can.
  2. kuuko

    wierd UI behaviour with eepDater

    If anyone wants to start working on this, here's instructions to get started: Subclass InstallProgress Implement its conffile-method, with two parameters: current and new, for current and new configuration files. (Optional) Provide the user with a diff between the configuration files. In your InstallProgress object you have statusfd and writefd, for read and write handles to the raw standard output/input streams for apt process, respectively. In your conffile implementation ask the user which file they want to keep, and send the option to writefd. Here's an example dialog, with the options: Configuration file '/etc/X11/Xsession.d/98vboxadd-xclient' ==> File on system created by you or by a script. ==> File also in package provided by package maintainer. What would you like to do about it ? Your options are: Y or I : install the package maintainer's version N or O : keep your currently-installed version D : show the differences between the versions Z : start a shell to examine the situation The default action is to keep your current version. *** 98vboxadd-xclient (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N] ? (Advanced) For the cases where the install process might want the user to provide input in a non-standard dialog, such as an ncurses dialog, you may want to use an embedded xterm, using code similar to this: win = Window('eepdater_terminal', ELM_WIN_DIALOG_BASIC, parent=parent_win, size=(500, 400)) xid = win.xwindow.xid term_exe = Ecore.Exe("xterm -into %d -geometry 80x24 -sb &" % xid) , or create a very simple terminal emulator for this purpose by using a efl.evas.Textgrid object. Look for a python library that makes sense of the control codes, or perhaps write one yourself! Output whatever is coming from statusfd. Provide user input through writefd, you probably can have a simple entry widget for the input user interface. Have fun!
  3. kuuko

    enlightenment_remote bump

    One issue I see immediately is that you're not instructing enlightenment_remote which display server it's supposed to act upon. You do this using the DISPLAY env variable, f.e.: sudo -u linux env DISPLAY=:0 enlightenment_remote -restart
  4. kuuko

    enlightenment_remote bump

    I never touched the enlightenment_remote stuff, only added more commands available through DBus. However I do have some time on my hands to investigate this issue so I'll go and take a look as well. Never hurts to have more eyeballs.
  5. kuuko

    Epulse for E17

    You're welcome.
  6. I don't know if Ubuntu 14.04 (and Bodhi) uses systemd's journald, but if they do then you should be able to access system logs using the journalctl command.
  7. Yes most of what I've written here you can explain in later examples. It's important though that your simple explanations convey the right general ideas about the concepts.
  8. The object that you pass with resize_object_add will also control the minimum and maximum size of your window.
  9. Hey it's great that you wrote this, it will help people find Python-EFL and I'm happy about that. Simple and clear, expanding knowledge & skill base slowly. Well written. Here's some issues I noticed, and corrections, please do tell if I didn't explain them well enough. from efl.evas import EVAS_HINT_EXPAND EXPAND_BOTH = EVAS_HINT_EXPAND, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND The weight size hint will make the object use an area in a container with weighted value, for example when you have two objects in a horizontal box with size_hint_weight=(0.6, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND) and size_hint_weight=(0.4, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND) it will do a 60%:40% split horizontally. EVAS_HINT_EXPAND is shorthand for 1.0, which will weigh the objects equally. Align size hint will align within the area assigned to the object, 0.0 is left/top, 0.5 is center, 1.0 is right/bottom. If the assigned area is the same size as the space that the object uses, it won't obviously align anywhere at all. EVAS_HINT_FILL is shorthand for the special value -1.0 which makes the object fill its assigned area entirely. class MainWindow(StandardWindow): def __init__(self): StandardWindow.__init__(self, "ex1", "Hello Elementary", size=(300, 200)) self.callback_delete_request_add(lambda o: elm.exit()) The class definition header on the first line tells Python to pick up the class attributes from the parent class, the third line initializes the parent object instance. Maybe explain here shortly that you can use any property as keyword arg name, and the value is assigned to that property? self.resize_object_add(ourLabel) This is not true. The object gets added to the window when you initialize it, then you need to set its size and position. What we do here is binding the objects size and position to the windows area, whenever you resize the window it will also resize the label object! Explain this better? Maybe in a later example? The main loop processes events, signals, etc. and allow the canvas to render, when it's not busy it will enter an idle state (ie. sleep, saving energy).
  10. I noticed in some applications ( WPS, firefox ) that the text I type does not display... it is there ( I can see it if i highlight it ) but it does not display. It is white on white... yes Queen this is the place, what version are you running ? bodhi 3 does this happen if you are running in a live environment? no it's on the hard drive the text does not display in some boxes (eg: user name / password ). but it is there. I just need to select it to see it. have you installed any custom themes ? do you have a custom theme installed ? I do understand the issue (white on white) no. not yet. it is the theme from its first installation. was firefox installed from the appcenter? I am installing it now (I need it for certain sites) I used the command line for firefox. The app center for WPS 35.0.1 is that the version? I needed firefox to access work email. Midori would not work for it. I use midori for the rest and did not see the same issue with text so far... yes. 35.0.1 ... snip ... but it does happen here: https://myaccount.talktalk.co.uk/login/ Just upgraded to Bodhi very recently. not so much playing with it yet. GOOD, It happens to me also in FireFox (white on white), but Bodhi looks fine (the login box has dark text) yes the text display OK with Midori. That could be a sign of a fault in the GTK theme Go to Settings -> Application Theme and select another one let's try that. You may need to restart Firefox for it to apply properly Just done that and... It works 1 !! switched to radiance. I'll try with WPS now. Ok so you had this problem with the default theme? Do you have the normal version of Bodhi or the legacy version? Yes. E17gtk v2 v3 And it works fine with the WPS spreadsheet too now. it is teh legacy version
  11. kuuko

    Enlightenment core processes

    enlightenment_start -> enlightenment -> , enlightenment_fm You'll probably want to prioritize the main enlightenment process there, perhaps some of the module subprocesses as well, don't know if it makes any sense to prioritize the e_fm process. efreetd is a background daemon, used for handling and caching icons (including file manager previews) and .desktop files. Probably no use in prioritizing it. Let us know how your experimentation goes.
  12. kuuko

    App Center/apturl Support in Chrome

    What's the current version in Ubuntu? I made this one for Bodhi stable: http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi/pool/stable/x/xdg-utils/ If you already submitted yours to the unstable repo then let's use your package.
  13. kuuko

    App Center/apturl Support in Chrome

    For now it's only patched in Bodhi: https://github.com/Deepspeed/bodhibuildscripts/commit/a7a607b100e2ff605445fc9555a61b1107b1fdf1 I'll let the e17 maintainer backport the patch if he so wishes. You'll still need a current xdg-open that includes enlightenment_open, I don't know if the one in Ubuntu repositories does so.
  14. kuuko

    App Center/apturl Support in Chrome

    r/devs/dev Yes, you really just need get the previous deb package, unpack it, replace the script, bump version in changelog, then repack with dpkg-buildpackage. I've done it before. e17's e_open will additionally need one line change for apt URIs to work, it will ignore everything that doesn't have the string "://" in it, whereas you need to change it to ":". See http://git.enlightenment.org/core/enlightenment.git/commit/?id=3a89768e48136611de67f3894a761d9b24ee4d33
  15. Now you can chat about Python and all things E on IRC: channel: #e.py network: FreeNode