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  1. paradox103

    HP Stream

    Erg... oh well. It helps one to learn when it is complicated. I guess I should start researching how to install linux on eMMC... if that's within my reach.
  2. paradox103

    HP Stream

    Has anyone tried out the HP Stream? I thought it might be a good Bodhi machine. Positive comments and rants are welcome.
  3. paradox103

    How do you get good at Linux?

    Of course, it depends on what you mean by "good at Linux". There's a different standard for being a competent user, vs administering your family computer, vs contributing code to the kernel. For me, the thing that has helped the most is actually using it. When I see something I don't like or have broken, I go research how to change or fix it. Also, I like to come on the forums and just read any topic that seems interesting. Sometimes someone is asking for help on a problem, and someone else has a creative solution that's worth remembering.
  4. paradox103

    Blogger Derby

    You have to take the space out that is at the end http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/enlightenment/application-spotlight-play-on-linux-and-crossover-linux-70967
  5. paradox103

    Nepomuk Cleaner?

    apt-cache can tell you what is dependent on a given package apt-cache rdepends --installed $package http://askubuntu.com/a/5637
  6. paradox103

    Google Ending 32-bit Chrome Support

    There are several chromium offshoots out there, and some that have come and gone (the ChromePlus website doesn't seem to load anymore). Iridium Browser is one that claims to care about security; Vivaldi, made by the original makers of Opera, is in beta; Slimjet claims to care about security while adding more features than chrome. Some of them have links to the source code readily available, some don't. Sadly, I can not say how secure any of them are.
  7. paradox103

    Introducing the Swami control panel

    I guess for a cost/benefit analysis it depends on how big you see the list of options becoming and how long it would take to implement. I think the current search is sufficient, but that's just one opinion.
  8. paradox103

    PDF in Firefox = Geany

    This seems like an incorrect Content-Type header. My web knowledge is a limited, but I think when a browser asks to open a file from a web server, the server sends a header to tell what the file type is (PDF, Text, JPG, etc) so the browser knows how to handle it (preview in browser, open with application). Have you noticed a pattern that all the PDFs from the same website open in Geany, but the ones that open in epdfView are on different sites? If so, it could be the website is identifying the file as some other format instead of PDF. Have you tried any other browsers with the same site?
  9. paradox103

    Introducing the Swami control panel

    I was playing with the Search capability in Swami (swami-control 0.0.2bodhi4) and noticed the following behavior: once buttons have been disabled, they do not re-enable until the search string is clear. Example: Type in the letter "d". The buttons for "Keyboard Layout" "Light DM" and "Date and Time" are enabled, the rest are disabled. Type the letter "m". "Keyboard Layout" and "Date and Time" are disabled, "Light DM" remains enabled. Delete the letter "m". I would expect "Keyboard Layout" and "Date and Time" to enable, but they remain disabaled, "Light DM" remains enabled. Type the letter "a". All buttons are disabled, I would expect "Date and Time" to be enabled. Delete all letters, all buttons become enabled.
  10. paradox103

    Stripping down the 3.2.0 base release image

    I vote minimalism. New users who have a need that can be satisfied by the AppPack, but do not have any preference for a specific application should install the AppPack immediately after install. It could be part of the install instructions. I would include Swami, Terminology, a file manager and AppCenter (and its dependency Midori) only. There can be a lot of discussions about what a user might need: he will want an image viewer, she will want a music player. he will want to print, she will want to expand archives. The whole point of the AppPack is to offer those applications to users who want them in a bundle, while letting other users just access the core of Bodhi and install whatever applications they want by the means they want.
  11. paradox103

    Ubuntu Tablet

    Has anyone put in a pre-order for the new Ubuntu Tablet? http://www.tomshardware.com/news/mj-technology-ubuntu-tablet-preorder,29976.html I think Bodhi would work well here. Thoughts?
  12. paradox103

    Chromium mouse scroll problems

    No, there is no reason I can't use Chrome instead of Chromium, it is a personal choice. From what I've read, the branded Chrome offers auto updating, a built-in PDF viewer, some media codecs, and flash is integrated. I do not have a compelling need for those features. I also do not want to send anonymous usage statistics to Google. I have successfully been using the same build of Chromium in Ubuntu without issues. Maybe Vivaldi, which I think is also built on the open source Chromium, will be nice when the stable version is released. Thanks for your help and continued devotion to the project.
  13. paradox103

    Chromium mouse scroll problems

    Yes, well, as I said I'm not seeing this in other browsers. Just in the latest chromium browser package I specified.
  14. paradox103

    Chromium mouse scroll problems

    I'm having a problem with Chromium. Left click works correctly, but if I right click, or try the scroll wheel on the mouse both of those react as a left click. If I drag the scroll bar, the window will start to scroll, but then it jumps back to the top before I let go of the button. Chromium was installed from command line "sudo apt-get install chromium-browser". This does not happen in Midori or Firefox. Has anyone else had this problem? What data can I provide to help with troubleshooting? The Bodhi-desktop package was installed to an ubuntu 14.04 64 bit installation package chromium-browser version 41.0.2272.76-0ubuntu0. package bodhi-desktop version 0.32
  15. paradox103

    Install Bodhi in other languages

    I did this more as a learning exercise rather than a for practical use, but decided it might be beneficial to post the topic here so others could help spread/improve the idea. I installed the Ubuntu 14.04 Minimal CD (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD) and then installed the Bodhi Desktop as described by Jeff's post(http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2014/03/howto-add-bodhis-enlightenment-desktop.html). LightDm also has to be installed and set to run at startup (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM). After this is complete, you have a functioning Bodhi powered system. The thing that might be useful to others is that the Ubuntu Minimal CD has support for non English installations, which the default Bodhi installer does not support. As a test, I installed in a different language (Italian) and the installation instructions (mostly) showed up in the selected language. After installation was complete, the language packs had been installed and set. The basic instructions are Install Ubuntu Minimal CD with no desktop After completed installation log in to terminal and install LightDM sudo apt-get install lightdm Install Bodhi desktop Configure LightDm to start at boot sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm reboot system sudo shutdown -r now