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  1. iphone 6s virtualbox sync

    To those who might have an iphone and would like to sync it to your computer. I know this is probably not the best, however I do use bodhi on my work machine and there is legacy software i need running using windows 7 32-bit, and yesterday playing around trying to get my phone to backup. I read some forums on how to be able to accomplish the backup using virtualbox. Assumptions are: You are using virtualbox to have a windows environment in your bodhi installation and that you will be using Itunes to sync your iphone inside that environment. I am running bodhi 3.2.1. Out of the many configs that I have tried, the easiest one was going to the virtualbox.org site, and downloading version 4.3.38. (Tried the ubuntu repository, but to fix the many issues, was a major pain) https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Once you have the download install it sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3_4.3.38-106717~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb Once it finishes, it will have errors. To install dependencies run sudo apt-get install -f Once you have installed virtualbox, you need to go and install the extension pack for that version. If you installed virtualbox correctly when you click on the extension pack, there should be an option to open and the oracle virtualbox setting will be selected already. Click on Open and follow the prompts for installation. (This enables USB 2.0 support for the iphone to connect to the windows OS in virtualbox properly.) You will need to add your user to the vboxusers group using: sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME vboxusers after this step logout and log back in for the changes to take effect. Lastly: Optional: you can put a filter so that everytime you plug in your office, it redirects your usb connection over to the virtualbox to accomplish this: You will need to have the iphone plugged in, unless you want to add all the information manually. (Which i do not recommend) Go to Settings > USB > Add Filter > Iphone 6s Disconnect Iphone, power on virtualbox, wait till it finishes booting, and start itunes. Plug iphone 6s back, and itunes will detect it automatically.
  2. Bodhi Linux Merchandise

    That would be a great addition! The polo I mean. I would like to wear one to work as well.
  3. Hello Guys, I just wanted to post a 'fix' for a problem I had and found a solution for in the ubuntu forums. I wanted to close the lid of my laptop, and in the previous versions on Bodhi. I was able to remove the acpi setting for closing lid and it would fix it. However in my new laptop hp z470 this fix did not work on Bodhi 3.1.1 The fix that I used: edited '/etc/systemd/logind.conf uncomment 'HandleLidSwitch=suspend' and change it to 'HandleLidSwitch=ignore' run sudo restart systemd-logind, and you can now close your lid, and it should not suspend. Thanks, Winner8
  4. Can't get Netlix to run correctly (Bodhi 3.0)

    Yeah, Google Chrome is installed exclusively to watch netflix only as mentioned by Jeff on several areas.
  5. Weather for Ibar?

    I second this motion. It would be nice to have the forecasts module working
  6. Moksha Themes...

    Look good Duma, is the github with the latest updates stable? The default theme that came with Moksha looks nice and it works well, however I would like to start changing some things and simplex looks very nice.
  7. No Sound

    What happened to me is similar, this is the way i fixed it! Alsamixer did not work for me, but i did go to the "mixer" module selected HDA Intel PCH (Cards) (Yours might be different) on Channels go down to speaker and unselect "Mute" it was checked on for me. For some reason it won't unmute if you do it from anywhere else, at least in my X1 carbon. Hope this helps someone. Winner8
  8. Installing Moksha on Bodhi

    Quick note to point out. I installed bodhi 3.0 from iso. (which includes e19). I was able to successfully go back by doing. 1 - sudo apt-get install moshka. 2 - sudo apt-get remove e19 3 - remove .e folder. 4 - sudo apt-get install bodhi-profile-e17. ( I did try to install e17 but it would remove moksha when i did that. But if you install moshka and just load the bodhi-profile-e17 once again, moshka reloads and recreates a default e17. ) Just wanted to note it for those people that were wondering how to go from e19 to moshka. TIP** Also noticed this settting checked off and checked it back on once installed on moshka. (Automount usb upon insert) << will be off. Try going to Main Menu > Settings > All > Files > File Manager > Devices Tab. mark the checkbox "Mount volumes on insert". << Timmy's post, it is a bit different but not too much. ** TIP Winner8
  9. Guys, I went through the process of adding duckduckgo in the firefox browser but from the directions. It seems to cumbersome to go through it. I found that i went to about:preferences#search in firefox and the addon was already loaded from midori, and just selected it on firefox, since i had the bodhi 3.0 version of bodhi from the box. Just thought we should add that somewhere. ( Maybe it was already put out there?) Thanks, Winner8
  10. Bodhi on Lenovo X1 Carbon (No Problem)

    Problem resolved. Thanks Jeff. That was a great solution. Don't like google though but in the meantime i get to watch netflix on my bodhi 3.0 installation that i carry with me 24/7.
  11. Pikalogy Terminology Theme

    Love it, just start pressing delete.. lol. Great little fun when using the terminal. Thanks for posting Jeff.
  12. It is more of a statement, Bodhi 3.0 seems to work out of the box with the X1 Carbon. I recently upgraded from 2.4 the only thing i couldn't get working was "netflix-desktop" but since i know it is not a package well supported i am trying to find out what is the problem. Other than that, it seems to work out of the box using USB and CD Media. Thanks, Winner8
  13. Desktop of the Month #1

    Vaidotas, I would really like to see the conky config file as well, i don't care about the x and y coordinates, i use it myself so it should be no problem fixing it. Thanks for sharing. Winner8
  14. switching users

    froggy you might want to look into this. https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/719/fast-user-switch/ even though it is not supported under bodhi because the user switching is not something critical there are packages you can install to do it. use at your own risk. Winner8
  15. Powerpoint Display

    Thanks guys for all the replies. I thought so, but just wanted to see if anyone was able to find a work around. So far, I have checked for some cloud software for media signage and that might be the way to go, but not quite sure it is going to work properly. However, thanks. I am using the default theme, in case that anyone wanted to try it anyway and see how they do. Thanks, Winner8