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  1. Deepspeed

    Name ideas for a PDF Viewer

    How about an inverse colors option? I read tons of pdf's with evince and i use reverse colors more often than not.
  2. Deepspeed

    Clipboard module issue

    So I've been kinda using the clipboard module, but when i started playing the game colobot, the copy/paste functions inside the game caused moksha crashes/restarts every time i used them. When i unloaded the module, the crashes stopped. Not sure exactly what causes it, but it's definitely a bug with certain types of apps.
  3. Deepspeed

    Colobot, a game for coders!

    So I recently did some digging around and found a package for 'colobot' in synaptic. It turns out it's an amazing game. Has anyone else around here played this? At first, it looks and plays like a cheap steam simulator, but playing with the normal controls isn't the point of the game. You basically play the most anti-social programmer in the world. I don't know the official story, but it seems that you got tired of humanity and designed a system of code-able robots and then took off into space with NASA's blessing. Now you travel around and solve space problems by coding your bots to do things. The devs made a new programming language called CBOT, basically an extension of C++, and you use this language to write scripts to control robots and make them complete the levels. The coding is fun, the bots are cool, and solving the problems in the game is addictive. It plays a lot like a normal strategy game, but when done correctly, you can run a single source file and watch the code complete the entire mission while you kick back in your space-suit and watch seinfeld or something. If you're a coder and you haven't seen this before, you should check it out. It would also be a great tool to get started and learn with.
  4. Deepspeed

    Moksha updates

    I believe this was a 4.1-64 iso. It was a recent install that was fully updated before remastering anything. Was it a leftover from the original install? I didn't think of the ESC key for the menu. I just got annoyed with it when using a system with no mouse to test the pulse thing lol. Now i know
  5. Deepspeed

    Moksha updates

    Rather than bounce around between multiple threads, I'm just gonna post my notes from my latest tests here. bodhibuilder: I just noticed that my start menu contains an entry for applications -> preferences -> install RELEASE. This isn't a live session. I used bodhibuilder a couple of times on this system. Is this a leftover that isn't being removed after the remaster process? Does it need to be there, or is this maybe something that bodhibuilder should be cleaning up? clock: I did more poking around with the clock. I'm still having the previously-mentioned problems with it, even after increasing shelf width to 40px. My best guess is that if the clock module is too small to draw itself at full resolution, it has a tendency to derp even though it still fits on a shelf. It was small at 32px (vertical shelf) when I had most of the problems, but not too small to be easily visible. for the record, I'm using a vertical shelf between 32 and 40 px with the digital 24-hour clock format with no seconds display and no date. Configuration Panel: I was manually going through every setting I could find and came across the Configuration Panel under the Advanced tab in the Settings dialog. I've been half-heartedly looking for this feature/waiting to stumble across it since I set this machine up. I knew it was there somewhere, and I always liked having the "all" section of the settings menu. I've actually looked for this setting before, but I didn't find it easily and got distracted with other things. 1: This is a settings dialog with only one setting. 2: That setting is related to the menus 3: It can't be found in the 'menu settings' dialog or under 'menus' category of settings, which are the most obvious places to look for such a feature. Unless there are plans to expand the 'configuration panel' dialog in the future, it should probably be renamed to something that doesn't leave the user thinking, "Cool, but WTF is it for?". I literally had no clue what could be in this dialog until I opened it and looked, and nothing in the name 'configuration panel' draws a connection to "the old-style 'all' entry in the start menu settings" in my mind. For users who are afraid/reluctant to dig through settings they don't understand, that might mean the feature never gets found/used. I think it would be much more intuitive to hack this single setting into the existing menu settings dialog (it is a menu setting, after all) and get rid of the ambiguously-named 'configuration panel', or at least put the 'configuratoin panel' dialog in the 'menus' section of the settings rather than 'advanced' so users can find it easily when looking for menu-related settings. menu key: The keyboard's menu key brings the menu up, but doesn't make the menu go away. If you don't have a mouse, you have to select something from the menu to get rid of it. Seems to work as coded, but could be more intuitive for users.
  6. Deepspeed

    Hello everyone!

    Sounds like my first bodhi experiences
  7. Deepspeed

    Ebook cataloging software

    Another vote for calibre for managing ebook collections here. I use it for some things, but I mostly use fb-reader for lots of my simple epub-style reading, and evince for pdf files.
  8. Deepspeed

    AppCenter version numbers

    Not the answer you were looking for, but anyone who has issues with the appcenter might want to try synaptic package manager. It's a fully-featured package management GUI app, and with a little help to understand it, it's really powerful and fairly easy to use.
  9. Deepspeed

    Atom Cedar Trail N2600 and Graphics issues

    If the animated splash screens during boot/shutdown stay for too long, try pressing the 'ESC' key to see what's going on behind the scenes. It will normally show you the same text Charles is talking about without the need to edit grub confs. (You can toggle that splash screen on/off with 'esc')
  10. Deepspeed

    Clock Module Bug?

    Just had another issue with the clock. I'm using 24-hour time format, and it was 21:33, but the clock was showing 11:33. (a 1 instead of a 2 in the first digit) I didn't get a shot of it, but it stayed that way for about a minute and then corrected itself when I clicked it. It did this earlier for a bit, as well, with one digit showing the wrong number. I'm starting to think it could be related to the way I have my shelf set up. For years I used a horizontal shelf across the top of the screen, but I've recently changed to a vertical one along the left side of the screen, and now the clock is much smaller due to the size constraint of being turned sideways on the shelf. Maybe the size has something to do with it. I've noticed a few quirks from the clock over the years, but not nothing like this until now. When I have more time, I'm going to do some crazy things with the shelf and the clock and see if I can figure anything else out.
  11. Deepspeed

    E menu right side hack

    For the reference to the different version numbers and working too hard, I can't speak for him, but I don't think Jeff decides how often to release a distro based on how much work we put into bodhi. I think the releases are generally scheduled around updates of the ubuntu LTS version that Bodhi is based on. As the newer/updated versions of that come out, he usually rolls a new/updated Bodhi iso with the updated ubuntu and whatever we've managed to accomplish, regardless of how much that may be. This is to prevent new users from having massive amounts of updates on a fresh install, not an effort to rush and push out new features in Bodhi. In fact, I think the only reason we have a Bodhi 4.5 is because 4.4 had a serious issue with the kernel, not because of any new features we were working on. The real things that drain our devs are the emergency-problems that lead to questions like "Should we fork E17 and try to maintain our own WM for Bodhi forever?" and "What do we do about the kernel bug in our latest release that's effecting a large percentage of users?" And there's no way to control when or where those kinds of problems pop up. Anyway, hope that clears things up a bit.
  12. Deepspeed

    Long entries menu issue solved?

    I just remastered my personal system for the fun of it with bodhibuilder, and I think the 'backup' option that it has might be a perfect and simple option for escuelas. This isn't perfectly accurate, but the backup option basically makes a full copy of the installed system, including the user accounts/passwords and home dir, and rolls it into an installable .iso that works just like any other linux distro. The feature is meant for backups of personal setups, but the distros it produces can be perfectly suitable for something like the escuelas setup, if I'm grasping things correctly here. The feature might not make a perfect copy of the system, but it's fairly close, and with a little experimenting, I'm sure you could get it to do what you want. Beyond that, the other options allow you to do essentially the same thing, but with even more flexibility. It can get pretty technical, but there are lots of good tutorials for using remastersys out there that can simplify the learning curve for you if you consult the google. You don't have to rely on the docs from upstream.
  13. Deepspeed

    Screenshot Module Bug?

    This is just my personal preference for a stock setup, but I would change the default screenshot quality to 80-ish, as the full png-sized shots aren't really necessary to see what's going on inside of the picture, and the .jpg formats make screenshots much faster. I may be wrong, but I think the default setting in E was 'high' quality, not 'perfect'.
  14. Deepspeed

    Clock Module Bug?

    Haven't tested the clock bug in the new moksha, but I've done a little more experimenting with it before updating, and it seems like it does fix itself when the clock updates to the next minute, but it is consistently showing me the wrong time when it wakes up after more than a few hours of being asleep. (my clock is setup not to display seconds) I still think it's related to the disks spinning down while idle and the clock module not updating right away when the pc is woken up/screen is un-blanked. The wrong times displayed are generally about an hour after the last time I touched the pc. Not a big deal, but it's definitely a thing.
  15. Deepspeed

    Moksha pulsemixer update

    I forgot to mention it, but installing pavucontrol is useful for finding max volume levels of any given system. I use it in recording and dj stuff all the time. I almost always install it to my bodhi boxes and it seems like the waiter has it installed too, so maybe its deps could be the cause for level percentages being weird instead of hardware. Worth looking at. It's not too important as long as we get the notifications fixed and have docs to explain things.