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    Bug: rt73usb in 2.0 (SOLVED)

    Thank you for such a prompt & helpful response. Problem solved by installing the linux firmware deb as advised. Because Bodhi has remastersys it should be quite easy to roll my own functional live disc. Side note: I hope you will include this package in the default install. An issue that requires the net to fix, when it is the net access that is broken, is a real headache. Also, I know purists would say we should all be running free hardware. However, lots of us are running on second hand gear out of financial necessity, we do not have the luxury of running out & buying what we would like and are the hardest hit by an issue like this. Thanks again Guy
  2. 1Guy1

    Bug: rt73usb in 2.0 (SOLVED)

    My (rather generic) wireless dongle uses the rt73usb kernel module & worked fine out of the box with 1 series Bodhi. With 2.0 it does not work, dmesg quotes a firmware error. I did read one post for a similar problem: ( realtek-wireless-card-not-detected/) that suggested copying firmware from 1 series & rebooting. This will not work for a live disc. Also, I do not want to hose my rather excellent current Bodhi install for one that might not work. This is problem is NOT inherited from Ubuntu 12.04 as the post I quoted suggests. My wireless dongle works fine with Lubuntu precise. Thanks Guy