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  1. wfx

    Happy birthday!

  2. AntCer

    eInfo - System Information

    **UPDATE** Hello everyone! Have an update on eInfo. Removed some features in this one until they are polished in the next couple of weeks: Options Menu (Export functionality being revamped with support for pdf,xml,html,txt,tsv,csv,custom xml template support) Audio/Video Submenus temporarily removed until a time-efficient/cpu-efficient method of gathering data presents itself (looking more into manipulating sysfs) Added some neat features: SMART HDD data presented in Storage Addition System Information gathered across the board Fixes/Changes Include: No fixed-size lists. All non-volatile data is managed in dictionaries with flexible, dynamic ranges. No worries of breakage from too many results. Some speed improvements for gathering some fixed, large data Window has grown a bit longer to accomodate additional info new functions implemented to gather certain data in a more efficient, cleaner manner I'm looking to fix a few things: subprocess is currently used to retrieve output from smart data commands. Exe function of ecore does not suit the needs. It seems to create another process and PASSIVELY retrieve information. UI improvements Audio/Video/Network Hardware info needs to come from consistent, time-sensitive source Feedback welcomed for UI ideas!
  3. AntCer

    eInfo - System Information

    Have done some revisions based on your editions! Didn't think of making it dynamic. I see multiple areas where I can improve upon now that I've been using python for quite a while. Will give you an update on progress by next weekend. Gotta do some additions I've left on the table, not to mention plenty of small revisions for better overall feel. (Maybe a more tablet/mobile friendly interface) Can't wait to update my apps for the EFL 1.8. The Alpha list is being used as a dict storage type... Kind of rough and ugly. lol First thing I edited. As a heads up, I plan to add some diagnostic tools to this. @Jeff I'll do a quick package with the fix that ContemplativeFarmer found, but the real release will be available in a week or so w/ improvements. 8 Cores, huh? Nice. Me with my simple dual-cores.. @kuuko Nice to be back! Even if it is intermittently. @ContemplativeFarmer Thanks for the find and the compliment.
  4. AntCer

    eInfo - System Information

    I'll take a look at it. Its been crazy with this new job. Going to CES this year for work, so I'll have a few hours here and there each day for the week. I'll most likely be able to give all my apps a much needed update to their latest versions. Seems like you all have your time-filled with the latest release! I can take a look into the documentation, but will we be shipping E18 or E17 in the next release?
  5. AntCer


    Just noticed them. I'll package it this weekend! I would love to see it when the bugs are cleared.
  6. AntCer


    Great additions. A filter is a brilliant suggestion. I suggest creating filter configuration files, where a user can manually put in the names of services it does not want to appear (maybe add a GUI window into the program for configuring filters). Then, have the program use the default filter to remove PIDs with matching names from the list every time it refreshes, so that they never appear. I'll have to look at your code to see how you are currently handling it. I'd be happy to help if you do not understand what I mean. Anyway, when you want to, I'll be more than happy to package it for you as a .deb file (as Elw3 suggested) !
  7. AntCer


    That is one useful, simple, elegant tool. Nice.
  8. AntCer

    New install loses connectivity

    Could mean many things. Driver issue, power management issue, gateway issue.. Does the NetworkManager show that you are connected? If so, could be that your transceiver (TX) is at too low power to reach your access point. To be sure, check ifconfig for a valid IPv4 address for your wlan0 interface: ifconfig An example IPv4 address output: inet addr: If you have an IPv4 address, try pinging an external website, say bodhilinux.com: ping bodhilinux.com Press CTRL+C to exit. If it shows packet loss but every other device connected to that AP can reach bodhilinux.com, then it is probably too far from the AP and you will have to increase the TX power. You can do so as explained in this post: Adjust power output of your wifi card
  9. AntCer

    eDeb - GUI .deb installer

    Yep, that is the latest stable. No bug complaints on it, yet. I do have a couple features I'm trying out but they're so experimental, I have 'em in a branch til they work as expected. Finally releasing 2.4.0? Recently started working full-time so I haven't been around the forums much lately, but I've been working on my apps during breaks. haha
  10. AntCer


    Nice! Can't wait to test it! As kuuko stated, it's easy to encode/decode with Python so you are not stuck with Unicode/UTF-8. Please feel free to consult us on any UI designs or structures that you would like help incorporating after the basic functionality is done. We'd be more than happy to help. P.S. Those PyEFLs for 1.8 are going to be fun to play with!
  11. AntCer

    Enlightenment "seg faulting" and freezing

    We would need more details than just the fact that it SegFault's. For example, when did it begin. What did you do around that time period? Specifically E or system configuration aspects, such as upgrading, installing a new program, playing with settings, etc. With the information given, I'd suggest to try deleting your ~.e folder and reinstalling the core Bodhi E17 packages. That may fix it. Or try running this before you completely dump your profile: sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get install -f -y ; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove -y ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
  12. Try making sure Enlightenment File Manager's module is loaded. Click : Main Menu>Settings>Modules From there,select the Files option at the navigation bar on top. Make sure EFM (Starter) is loaded by highlighting it. If it isn't, load it.
  13. AntCer


    eWin - Python-EFL GUI for chntpw eWin Github ewin.deb -Does all the dirty work, including mounting the partitions, detecting the partitions with Windows, detecting the Windows version, detecting the location of the Windows SAM file, and a couple of other things under the hood. This was made for an IT friend who is using Bodhi on a flash drive to repair&troubleshoot Windows systems, with programs such as ClamAV, ophcrack, and chntpw. He is a Linux newbie, so I made this little GUI to make it easier for him. Decided I might as well share it. haha Simply double-click to select any item from the OS list or User list.
  14. AntCer


    Great! Looking slicker and slicker. One aesthetic issue I've noticed is the overlapping button/label: Maybe add a separator for the next release? I love the minimalist, clean feel of Epour. Just feels cool.
  15. AntCer

    Fourth times the Charm - Bodhi 2.4.0 Discs

    I can play around with it, but even after using boot-repair to successfully install grub-efi and boot the signed kernel image, it will not authenticate with Secure Boot enabled. Seems like a flimsy bit of software to me. I very much lack motivation to figure out how to properly set-up such a horribly supported piece of crap. Of course it only works with 64bit Ubuntu; UEFI is meant to eclipse 32bit MBR by being 64bit in nature, allowing exponentially superior capacity for partitions on a hard drive. It will only work with 64bit architecture. No way around it. The world is slowly being forced into 64bit and secure-boot environments.. I have had 0 issues with the new images. DD'd the iso to a usb drive. Have tried non-PAE and 64bit. They feel stable. Pretty safe to call it.