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  1. same, no hickups here either across three laptops and three browsers all is well I have three OLD laptops, simply because I inherit peoples *broken windows* lol's all 32bit. I have an Acer extensa 4620Z, a Dell Inspiron Mini 10, and a Toshiba Satelliet A 135-S4527.
  2. brig

    problems with the netflix desktop

    ok Charles...so....I did it a little different way this time. I use chromium as my default, and midori for everything Bodhi, and today I installed Firefox and am using it exclusively for my Netflix, and guess what? PERFECTION!!!! THANK YOU for recommending I try it again, as my second attempt has been a raving success!!! What an unexpected happy surprise to start out the new year with
  3. brig

    problems with the netflix desktop

    Thank You Charles I had tried that before, and didnt get as good a video as I did with the Netflix Desktop...but that was a bit ago, so I will give it another try and have a look see Oh, and Happy New Year Everyone !!!
  4. brig

    problems with the netflix desktop

    I have three laptops, and have different issues with Netflix Desktop on each of them, like with Silverlight wanting to upgrade etc. I have been able to at least temporarily fix any issues on each of the by deleting the netflix desktop folder in hidden files, and then restarting Netflix Desktop. It reinstalls and at WORST, at least works properly untill the next time I reboot the computer. I'm sure there are much better fixes, but just sharing for those in need of a quick netflix fix......pun intended
  5. brig

    [how to] Disable Nouveau kernel modules

    I am just a noob, so I can only tell you what I would do myself if I was in your situation (which I might be completely misunderstanding...it is difficult to communicate in so many ways about computers since we all have different ones, and have different levels of understanding them) I would do a fresh install of bodhi, I would run an update/upgrade script in the terminal, then I would use the Midori Browser to go to the APPs page, and use the Nvidia install from that page with the Midori Browser, since... IF I understand how the app page and Midori work together properly, then the Midori Browser will take care of all the issues you are having difficulties with, concerning the Apps on the Bodhi Apps page. I *MIGHT* be understanding both your difficulties, and the way the Midori Browser works with the Bodhi App page. But I would try what I just posted anyway and see if that works, after all, if everything breaks, I can always do another fresh install of Bodhi..it doesnt take that long. That is how I have learned most things computer, try and break, then try try again. somebody correct me if I am giving bad advice, I can only share my own experiences, both failures and successes, and I would feel bad if I was able to help someone have success, but I was too lazy to type.
  6. brig

    We Have Liftoff!

    I installed Gdebi from Synaptic Package Manager to download and install Google-Chrome. I had to make a directory in Home, called "Downloads" to "save as" to. Simply selecting "save" did not work for me. Maybe you are having the same problem...dunno. Then I downloaded Google Chrome from the Google.com/Chrome page to my Download Directory. Then I went to my Download Directory, right clicked on the Google Chrome download, and selected open with Gdebi, which happens that it will be the first selection at the top of the list. Then just click on the install button, browse to your google chrome install in your download directory, and follow the directions that the Gdebi app gives you. I am a dummy noob, with chronic *sometimers* and that worked for me... I hope I explained in a way that is easy for you to understand, and makes you have SUCCESS getting your bright shiny google chrome browser working on your awesome Bodhi. Best Wishes, and Good Luck Edited to add: I am also the Elder Princess of Computer Lazy, soooooo, I just keep my Midori Browser handy to use to install apps from the Bodhi App page. *blushes*
  7. brig

    Linux 3.8 Kernel Testing

    I survived the reboot I have played with everything I can think of with the new kernel installed, and I am still alive and well... so far so good. If I have any crashes, I might not be able to ever post again, and then you shall miss me forever
  8. brig

    Linux 3.8 Kernel Testing

    off to risk life and limb, hopefully, I'll be right back heh heh heh
  9. brig


    here is one more of my favorite photos that I took, that I often use for wallpaper, again, feel free to *bodhi* it to your hearts content.
  10. brig


    This is just a pic I took last summer, it doesn't have any bodhi stuffs on it, but it is one of my favorites for wallpaper. Feel free to use it as it is, or add any bodhi stuffs you like to your taste.
  11. brig

    Detourious GTK theme causing conflict

    What fixed it for me, was using synaptic package manager. I clicked to reinstall detourious-theme, and it auto checked Bodhi-theme-detourious listed right underneath it. After that process finished, the problem was resolved for me.
  12. brig

    Screen Resolution

    I use the ARandR app to set my resolution, if you want to try it you can get it from synaptic package manager.
  13. brig

    Other Linux Distro's

    ^ AWESOME Thank You Jeff
  14. brig

    Other Linux Distro's

    Well, it makes me feel like a traitor, but sometimes I use Zorin http://zorin-os.com/free.html because it comes with actual Google- Chrome browser, and I do like the AWN windows manager, and it has three looks you can choose from, windows 7, windows xp and, well, I forget the other one at the moment (a senior moment) I decided to mention it, because it IS fun to try different things sometimes......and Zorin, is my second favorite one after Bodhi
  15. brig