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  1. caerolle

    Cloud based finance tracking

    What about Mint.com?
  2. caerolle

    Bodhi 2.2.0 Released

    I totally agree! Just wanted to clarify so ppl understand what upgrade versus install gets them.
  3. caerolle

    Bodhi 2.2.0 Released

    Jeff, I think just dist-upgrading doesn't get you the new kernel that is in the 2.2.0 release? So, if people want to completely upgrade to 2.2.0, not just to the latest e17, they would either need to upgrade the kernel separately, or do a fresh install?
  4. caerolle

    Final (?) 2.2.0 testing discs

    I downloaded all three ISOs and installed them, no issues. I wasn't sure quite what to try to crash the installs, but I thought engage was causing some people issues, so I tried that in all three, no issues. Jazz suggested trying flash in Firefox, again no issues. I installed the Firefox and flash from the AppCenter, no problems. I also installed PCManFM from Synaptic, again no problems. I did not try the language stuff. Hope this help! caerolle
  5. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    Um, then they wouldn't be subliminal, would it?
  6. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    I don't know that I can find anything that Charles hasn't already, lol. In the process of going through the e17 Guide, though.
  7. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    AntCer, I uploaded a file with my comments on the QS Guide to the QS part of Dropbox. Will go through the e17 Guide next. Also, if you tell me what you want in the new post, I will start it. I am guessing a request for ppl to review the QS and e17 Guide, minus the things in your to-do list?
  8. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    I seem to recall an earlier post in this thread by Jeff that bouncy windows are no longer an issue?
  9. I use LXTerminal anyhow, never use Terminology unless I am testing something for someone.
  10. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    AntCer, I forgot to mention that I am working through reviewof your QS Guide, hope it isn't too late. Will finish by EOD today. caerolle
  11. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    For what, AntCer, the QS Guide, or the e17 Guide?
  12. caerolle

    'Download' link in AppCenter is down

    So, it's just the Download button that isn't working. The AppCenter itself is fine, as in the Install function. I guess I should have checked things more thoroughly before I posted. Someone said in IRC it was down, and I just assumed the whole thing was down. Sorry!
  13. App Center is currently down. Just so ppl know... EDIT: It's just the Downlaod button that is broekn, the AppCenter itself and the Install button work fine! Sorry for any confusion!
  14. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    AntCer, I'll read through the QS Guide today. Hope all is well with you, and that you had a good Christmas! caerolle
  15. caerolle

    Updated Documentation Feedback

    AntCer, Jeff did a quick review of the e17 Guide as it stands, and requested some changes to the Compositing page: ecomorph is no longer maintained - lets just remove that section "fancy" profile now has compositing loaded by default, so compositing isn't the only compositing profile window "bouncing" isn't the default any longer, so can remove those instructions If you would like me to make the changes, or if there is anything else I can do, please let me know! Hope all is well with you! caerolle