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    I'm a glass artist and stained glass conservationist, I love: my wife and children, to garden, to play flute with other musicians, to work for peace and eco-sanity, to read and think and hang out with artists, quakers, lefties, friends etc.
  1. jonabark

    how to change arrangement of folders on desktop?

    The 'custom icons' doesn't seem to allow me to arrange the file folders as I like. I actually can't tell what it does. But that procedure you described still helped me to figure out a better desktop arrangement, so thanks. I have a new question which I will post separately but if you see this and know an answer I would really appreciate it. I think while trying to sort out my desktop i did something inadvertently. I now have 2 empty boxes about 2 inches wide and a half inch vertical rounded at the corners surrounded by a white line that appears and disappears every second or 2. they have 2 blue and one black small downward pointing triangles in the center bottom of each box. Also if I right click in them or anywhere empty on the desk top I get a box with 3 programs: shotwell, help, and golden dictionary all listed. I can open these apps but when i go to close I get message that they will kill the app. I actually went a head and told it to kill the app but it didn't. Alright I just rebooted and the boxes are gone for now, but if I right click on an open area of the desktop I still get the 3 apps . How do I stop this?
  2. My problem is primarily that the files and file folders on the desktop go all the way across the desktop and so some are under the app icons which are on the left side of my desktop which makes them hard to select. I really would like more control of how they are arranged and have tried using the borders function in the desktop area of settings. It doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a way to simply release these file icons from any restraint on their location and move them where I like or set up a gridded area in one part of the desktop? they are in separate bars at top and 1/3 up from bottom of screen .
  3. jonabark

    [Solved] Good english dictionary app?

    Thanks everyone. I went with the golden dict. This program is perfect . It was primarily for my wife but I love the word morphology info it references from online and the simple offline definition and think I will use it to replace my mac dictionary. Happy New year to the Bodhi folks may the open source community continue to grow. Peace on earth.
  4. Does anyone know/use an english dictionary app that works on Bodhi? This has been answered and I am happy with the app. Thanks to all.
  5. Been a few weeks since I last asked a question here. I set up my wife's new netbook with Bodhi and it took some help from this forum to unscramble my installation errors. What a great group of folks. Priscilla loves the Bodhi OS and It has been running like a charm and what I learned from ant cer and others has been helpful in adding what she wants. Were others cut off from Bodhi website during the recent days following Sandy? I live in Vermont so was it something with east coast servers? Any thoughts on this?
  6. jonabark

    Please read this before posting!

    Good info and guidelines. Probably guilty of some bad habits mentioned. Payin attention though. Some of these resources are also helpful for a newbie. This post should stay here for a good while.
  7. jonabark

    How to extract/run apps?

    I've been getting most apps from the Bodhi app center. Maybe should have looked for paste bin there first. But why have the extract stuff in archive manager if it doesn't work?Oh well at least I know to start from synaptic. Thanks.
  8. jonabark

    How to extract/run apps?

    I have downloaded and tried to extract/open 2 apps: paste bin for linux and a game for my wife called mah jong, both in linux versions. Went to Home folder/bodhi 32 where they were placed (.gz file),double clicked to open archive manager,from here I tried extract, which opened file roller pushed extract with all files selected, the extraction bar moved from left to right There are now files in a folder but none of them opens an app. Where's the beef? What am I doing wrong? I really did try to figure this out on my own, but am making no progress. I'm going to try the synaptic package manager but it seems to my simple mind that there should be a simpler way. What the heck does the archive manager do and is there an easier, faster way to get from a dowload to a working app ? I'd like to be able to do this without terminology, Can it be done?
  9. jonabark

    (SOLVED)More trouble:programs won't download

    Well it looks like I'm outa the deep doo doo and no small thanks is due due to you two and somel other Bodhi satvahs. Not only is it booting well, downloading and lookin pretty; I feel like I have some sense of what went wrong and what fixed it. Thanks! I do have one more question about the 2 versions of Bodhi I seem to be hosting. How do I gently remove the one I never really noticed or used? Or am I misunderstanding how that works. One is called generic which is this one, and the other is called sda5 i think.
  10. jonabark

    (SOLVED)More trouble:programs won't download

    OK but I was not doing anything with synaptic before I started the download. Well I really don't get what just happened, but did the configure sudo and it said there was a conflict between local configuration and upgrade and I told it to go with upgrade and there was a lotta text and it seemed like maybe a good thing so we'll see.
  11. Well at this point both those were disabled when I did the service pack this afternoon. So I guess the problem was detected and dealt with.
  12. from the sudo swapon -s I got that the ram partition size is 507648 priority 100 swap partition size is 1035260 priority-1 so if i got it right the proportions are ok but the amounts are too low? I currently have 1 mg ram, soon 2 back with vid card info in a bit, it's cheap,
  13. I tried to download the Printing app from the Bodhi App center. I got this message E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report. so i did that command in Terminology and closed it and tried again and got this message:There is another synaptic running in non-interactive mode. Please wait for it to finish first. This happened twice and there was nothing else open but Midori. ???? If you all want me to give up and go away I understand, too much trouble from one dude . I wonder if the other synaptic is related to installing the service Pack a couple hours ago hoping foolishly that might alleviate some problems. What it did do was disable hibernate,suspend and Shut off in the system window That might be ok but not a fix exactly.
  14. Sorry about that. I was looking within the Bodhi site for information on that instead of going to google which makes a lot more sense. I know I'm floundering here and asking a lot of the Bodhi satvas but Linux is as completely new to me as Bodhi E17. I already did the modeset change which did allow booting without using recovery mode. Is that a problem?what you said about Also I read what you said about memory earlier but I don't know how to make those changes.
  15. Ok I got pretty bummed there but I'm noticing some things and need more info. I realized that there are 2 Bodhi versions on my HD one called generic (with a generic recovery mode below in the list) and one which I forget with an alphanumeric description I will look up later I think I remember a 5,d, and a in it .Most of what I have done downloading apps and adjusting the desktop is in generic which is having several problems including that it only currently boots in recovery mode. The other boots fairly quick without recovery mode but has only one app I just downloaded as a test. Do I have 2 partitions ? what is the difference in these 2? I don't want both so what to do?