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  1. Just my two cents. Last December i bought one of this: http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/latitude-e7240-ultrabook/pd "brand new" second hand and i love it! Without the stupid touch screen, 4GB RAM(goes up to 16GB!), 256GB SSD and i5 4310U! It doesn't have the backlit keyboard though or the fingerprint identification but who gives a sh1t! It's a fine ultrabook!
  2. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    Update for all my friends out there in bodhiland: The eee pc is alive and resurrected! Running on windows XP for starters(flash USB Installation ) as i 'm trying to find some time to proceed with bodhi 2.4 & 3.0 installation in the same 32GB SD!(New idea!) I 'll keep you posted...
  3. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    Aaah Master!!! So glad to hear from you!!! I have no idea what the simlinks are or how to do the hole process... so if you could be kind enough to provide some instructions, you know that i would be really gratefull( as always ). Now as far as it concerns the SD installation, i created a partition for the swap of 525 MB. Deepspeeds ISO runs fine with it so i don't get it, what's wrong with Jeffs ISO??? By the way, i 'm keeping the XP installation for good now on the SSD and all Linux distros will be on SDs. Cheers
  4. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    Thanks, i 'll definitely give them a try at some point, i knew for slitaz You 're not insulting my intelligence but for some reason you don't seem to understand that my eee has a 4G ssd since i mentioned it twice in my posts(701 4G Surf, 4G ssd) and it's even in my signature Anyway, all it's good! Till the new update then!
  5. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    Update: Yesterday i lost many hours of my precious sleep buuut, deleted the disc and reformated in ntfs, managed to flash the bios and revert it to my previous version which works best(got my craft back!!! )! Tried to install legacy in SD but it took aaages and finaly froze completely on configuring hardwear. Everything on my eee are working and healthy(checked disk, ram & bios), so it's definitely something wrong with the distro which by the way i checked with the md5 and seems to be proper(?!?). The best legacy so far for the 3.0.0v imo is the last ISO that Deepspeed uploaded and thank god i have a copy so i 'll go for multiple installs with it(no upgrade cause it will be f@@ed as it did happened one month ago when i tried to upgrade and the nightmare started) and 2.4v on SDs. So i 'm definitely done with the latest legacy ISO. Today made flash with Win Xp and installed from it on the hard drive Tomorrow maybe drivers and setup for the Xp as i 'm tired for today and need to get some sleep. Until the next update then, i hope you get better soon!
  6. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    Thank you for taking so much time to help me! The reason i use the SD cards is because my eee has only 4Gigs drive and apart from the distro itself you can't install many things plus you save the life of the ssd simply because you 're not using it! Also with SD cards they 're cheap, biger size(8, 16, 32Gigs) and with a "sudo update-grub" you can run as many distros you like(multiboot!). So the ssd is definitely not dead otherwise the 2.4v installed would not run. It's definitely a corupted bios since i'm using the latest 1001 i thing and not the previous 901(basicly the real reason is that i can't simply flash the god damned thing-"found usb device, reading ....ROM, no usb device found" loop. Right now i don't know where to start as the choises that you offered me all seem appealing and gave me food for thought. I will be able to start working on the eee later in the week i reckon so just keep following the thread and i will update you asap! By the way, i have an older version of Hirens Boot CD(a technicians master tool ) and it has parted magic free on it along with the mini xp. I might start by installing windows xp on a flash drive and then to eee as i don't want to spend money buying an external dvdr. Thanks again! Jack
  7. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    It is a 701 4G Surf. Unfortunately everything is soldered on the motherboard. Runned memtest and ram is fine. Need a way to reflash the bios as when trying to flash it(hit Alt+F2) it goes "found usb device, reading 701.ROM, usb not found" in a loop... even with the usb formated to FAT 16 and partition created to 8MB. To change the battery i need to buy some tools and find some time to take the eee appart. I don't think that it needs repartitioning as the 2.4v that i have installed is running well and i can even run live distros from usb.
  8. Jack Sparrow

    [RESURRECTED]My eeepc is dying

    Hello everybodhi It's been more than a month that the new release is out and i can't install it. In the beggining i thought it was some kind of bug but after experimenting with different distros i discovered with fear that i can't install anything anymore on my SD card. I haven't got a lot of time available anymore due to many hours of work and experimenting or trying to solve the problem is a painfully slow process. I think it's the bios corrupted as everything i try to install just freezes my eee after a while. So now i 'm looking for a solution to this hopping to resurect my eight years old litle one. On the main drive i still have the 2.4v installed and it's running ok with the few things i have installed but now that most of the repos are going down for this version it will be hard to follow. See you somewhere in time... Jack
  9. Jack Sparrow

    Alfa AWUS036NH

    Don't know what that is... Thanks for the general guidelines, as soon as i find some time i will start the experiments again...
  10. Jack Sparrow

    I have a dream! - The next step for Bodhi linux

    Thanks for the tip...
  11. Jack Sparrow

    I have a dream! - The next step for Bodhi linux

    I 'm hopping one of these days...
  12. Jack Sparrow

    I have a dream! - The next step for Bodhi linux

    It's not a matter of importance but a romantic idea of evolution...
  13. Jack Sparrow

    I have a dream! - The next step for Bodhi linux

    Unfortunately i don't "speak" any programing language(yes i 'm ashamed to say it) otherwise we wouldn't discussing it...
  14. Jack Sparrow

    3.0.0 RC3 no wifi in live mode Dell D610 (SOLVED)

    Or i could download the new ISO and do a fresh install cause i 'm still using Deepspeeds test4 ISO. Right master?