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  1. First off - welcome to the forums. As for your issue - it sounds like suspend / resume just doesn't support the hardware you have. In addition to removing the suspend on lid close from the ACPI bindings, you also need to dig into the systemd settings which trigger this as well. To do this you'll want to edit the following file with root permissions as such: sudo epad /etc/systemd/logind.conf And then comment out / toggle off the suspend on lid close settings.
  2. Moksha repository for Debian?

    If you check the list of build deps on the GitHub page for Ubuntu 16.04 these should roughly translate to similar package names for Debian: https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha I personally do not have any plans at this time to build packages for Debian. The only time anything officialish from Bodhi has been built directly on Debian was when we had an ARM branch that was far too much work.
  3. Moksha GUI will not come up

    Does your package manager report all updates installed properly? EG: does running: sudo apt-get -f install Do anything for you? Does the system in question have available hard drive space?
  4. Forum Login Issue

  5. [Solved] No network devices available

    I don't have any experience with ndiswrapper personally, but just wanted to chime in that in general Bodhi is backward compatible with directions for the Ubuntu base it is built on. So this means if you are using Bodhi 3 any directions related to Ubuntu 14.04 on this matter should apply for you.
  6. Modify login screen

    Bodhi uses lightdm by default. I believe the settings are located in /etc/lightdm? You'll need sudo / root to access / edit these files.
  7. Files won't show in browse c drive in wine

    Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? What is the file path your file browser is trying to open to? I'd guess a bad path is being passed. Assuming your wine prefix is the default, what happens if you navigate to: ~/.wine/drive_c
  8. If I want to buy Products

    The spread shirt site takes paypal as well as credit cards. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/bodhilinux/
  9. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    I've managed to make us green themed at the very least and thrown the logo at the top. Will have to see if I can poke at the navigation to get our home links and such added at some point.
  10. Moksha GUI will not come up

    We used LXDM by default at one point yes. If you are using auto login anyways you could give nodm a try: https://it.toolbox.com/blogs/jeffhoogland/howto-get-right-to-x-with-no-dm-050616
  11. Bodhi Linux with Virtualbox possible?

    Bodhi works well under virtual box yes.
  12. Moksha GUI will not come up

    If you aren't getting a display manager prompting you to log in then the issue is with lightdm and not actually Moksha. I don't have any useful suggestion off hand - sorry. Heading out of town on work this weekend. Hopefully someone else has some idea. Maybe a recent Ubuntu update to LightDM messed things up there?
  13. Moksha GUI will not come up

    The error you are seeing there is because you can't just start Moksha directly from the command line. It needs a display server to run on first. Ecore_X is throwing an error cause there is no X server for it to run on. Can you try resetting your ~/.e directory (delete or rename it) and then try to log into Moksha as normal using your display manager? What happens when you try to log in if it isn't logging in properly for you? Did all the updates install properly when you ran your system updates?
  14. Name ideas for a PDF Viewer

    Locked for thread necromancy.
  15. Ecomorph

    Ecomorph requires ecomp and the Moksha module to be built: https://github.com/JeffHoogland/ecomp https://github.com/JeffHoogland/ecomorph