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  1. NickStone

    Systemd in Bodhi3?

    Whilst checking for updates using Synaptic Package Manager I noticed a package called systemd-services had an update available for it. Now I believed that Bodhi 3 was based upon Ubuntu 14.04 LTS which I know does not have systemd but upstart. So if that is the case then why is this package part of Bodhi 3? The package in question contains the logind and DBUS services (localed, hostname and timedated) from systemd. What's wrong with upstart?
  2. NickStone

    Account 'stefan' created but not by me

    The contents of the folder are: /home/stefan/.cache/efreet/ No files in efreet.
  3. I installed Bodhi (version 3.1) a few weeks ago from an iso I downloaded from your web site. During the installation I created my usual account and no other. About a week ago, I was exploring the file system using midnight commander and discovered under /home that there were two directories created. One was of my account the other called stefan. I am wondering if the person who created the iso had used something like remastersys which is/was a tool to create a system backup and installation media. If not, I do not know how this account was created and really should not have been created. Has anyone else experienced this phantom user account?
  4. NickStone

    An issue with apt-get

    This is not an issue with Bodhi Linux or even the Moksha desktop, this is an issue with the debian apt-get command. Or more in particularly with the apt-get upgrade command. When I had performed the above command apt-get will tell me that there are packages that are no longer required, then advises you to use the apt-get autoremove command to get rid of them. However, some of the packages it tells you that are no longer required are required by you. Example, the other day after performing the above command in Terminology (terminal emulator) one of the packages it says is no longer required is Terminology itself, even though I am using the thing. On another occasion it told me that flashplugin was no longer required even though I use it for most audio/video media online. So just for those people who blindly perform commands such as apt-get autoremove because the system tells you to, always look through the list of packages it claims can be removed and if any are required by you then simply do not use this command. Just remember, you are in control of the computer not the other way around.
  5. NickStone

    cannot remove templates folder in Home folder

    I tested it out on my laptop and found that after deleting the templates folder on my home partition then run PCManFM again it automatically creates the templates folder, so there must be some command within the PCmanFM script that creates this folder. I could not find anything in preferences of PCmanFM to enable this folder. In e19 whilst using efm it does not do this. You could try another file manager.
  6. NickStone

    Two network manager icons on shelf

    Re-boot did the trick. Only one network icon now. Thanks guys.
  7. NickStone

    I'm back with Bodhi

    Thanks everyone, I'm guessing when I downloaded the themes this morning I assumed it had downloaded them but obviously not. I have just attempted to download the e17 Angelic theme again and this time it did download and have now been able to select and use it.
  8. I switched back to Moksha desktop from e19 desktop and have found that there are now two icons on the shelf for network manager. Unfortunately, I have not found a way of removing one of the icons.
  9. NickStone

    I'm back with Bodhi

    Well there's Angelic for one. Actually scrub that, I've just found that theme for e17 using synaptic. I'm assuming it will work with Moksha. Edit: Just downloaded three e17 themes and found that they are not available in the themes selector. 2nd edit: OK someone give us a clue, where does Moksha put e17 themes? I cannopt find these themes I've just downloaded.
  10. NickStone

    Future versions of Bodhi

    As the Bodhi team are working on the Moksha desktop, will future versions of Bodhi (version 4.0 and above) continue to have Enlightenment (e19/e20 etc.) available to install and support, or will Moksha take preference and there will be no support for future versions of Enlightenment?
  11. NickStone

    Rage video player - no wiki entry

    Thank you for your replies. I've managed to get Rage to work with my videos by installing the gstreamer packages, although I haven't yet tried to play a dvd through Rage but I know it plays mp4 and mkv files.
  12. NickStone

    Rage video player - no wiki entry

    I want to try Rage video player and had downloaded the package from the repository. However, I had tried (and failed) to find any entry on how to get Rage to work in the wiki or these forums. The only entry I found was from Jeff saying that the package is in the repository and to install it using the usual command sudo apt-get install rage There are no details as to what other packages you need to have installed to make Rage work with audio / video files. Can someone who has Rage working please inform me how to get this program to work? Thank you.
  13. NickStone

    Bodhi mirrors

    Are there any mirrors of Bodhi? At the moment I'm hooked in to the US repository and connection to it is quite slow, I would (if possible) like to connect to a UK mirror.
  14. NickStone

    I'm back with Bodhi

    Hello everyone, I am not a newbie to Bodhi, I had been using it in the past (version 2.whatever). I thought about using Bodhi again as I have a crappy 64 bit laptop that struggles to work with plasma5 and Gnome shell. The laptop originally had 1GB of RAM (actually it had 1GB on the motherboard but 256MB was reserved for its on board graphics chip), so in reality it had 768MB for software. It originally had Windows Vista on it! I am just having a play with Mokshy desktop, but I'm a little disappointed with the lack of themes for it. I mean I don't really like the themes that are available in the AppCentre. Would I be able to replace Mokshy desktop with e19 or e20 at a later date?
  15. NickStone

    Bodhi 3.0 lagacy

    I am running 32 bit legacy on 64 bit lappy. Thanks for reply. I'll also see ab out replacing e17 with that moksha desktop