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  1. duskull

    Flash not work in Midori 0.4.9 [SOLVED]

    It works that way thanks a lot! Midori is such a good browser...
  2. duskull

    [SOLVED] Keyboard layout problem

    I can only say a big thank you for this simple but very usefull answer! Thanks a lot!!! Problem solved.
  3. duskull

    [SOLVED] Keyboard layout problem

    Hello everyone. How to change the keyboard layout on E17, i'm looking for the bulgarian language which is my native language. I guess i have to install something from the Synaptic Package Manager but i don't know what please help me. Bulgarian phonetic is exactly what i need.
  4. duskull

    Super key needed

    I don'n know where my super key is. Using latest Bodhi 2.2.0 on Asus EEEPC 900. I have only one windows key on the left site of my keyboard and it isn't the super key. How to set the super key manually if i don't have one now?
  5. duskull

    Laptop lid problem

    Thank you!
  6. duskull

    Laptop lid problem

    Is there a setting for a laptop lid i mean when i close my laptop Bodhi goes "Suspend mode" and i don't want this. I can't find something like that in the power options. I want to hear music even when mu lid a closed. Plaese help.
  7. duskull

    Remove apps installed from app center

    Okay i got it. I just used the searchbox. Thanks a lot for the help!
  8. duskull

    Remove apps installed from app center

    It tells me no packeges to remove. Where exactly must i look for a remove option?
  9. How to uninstall apps installed from the Bodhi app center? I've installed some with install button on the Bodhi app center with Midori web browser, but now i use only some apps i've installed. How to remove these that i don't use?
  10. duskull

    How to configure system time?

    Thanks you very much guys! Problem is solved.
  11. duskull

    How to configure system time?

    Great thank you but is there a way to do it OFFLINE?
  12. duskull

    How to configure system time?

    Okay thanks for that but i mean how to change minutes and seconds. I set them wrong in the installation.
  13. duskull

    How to configure system time?

    I don't know how to change the system time in Bodhi 2.1. I see only options for the look of the clock. Can someone explain me please?
  14. duskull

    Can't download files from Bodhi App Center

    Yeah i'm using Chromium on my Windows PC but when i download files from the App Center i transfer them to my laptop with Bodhi, without internet connection.
  15. duskull

    Can't download files from Bodhi App Center

    Okay. Thank you very much Jeff!