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  1. Kev

    Escuelas Linux Development Pack has arrived!

    Very cool! muy bien!
  2. Kev

    Unable to set font sizes

    I think scaling has to do with how apps are displayed ... separate from font.
  3. Kev

    Unable to set font sizes

    Playing around with it... it appears to be system wide.... What with my aging eyes i need to up the font size a tad.... lol
  4. Kev

    Unable to set font sizes

    Ahh ok... thanks. For some reason the checkbox was kind of hard to see....
  5. Kev

    Unable to set font sizes

    Hey... went to settings panel->font . Dialog box comes up but cant scroll the vertical scroll bar or modify the font settings. My VM is current. Anything I should check?
  6. Kev

    Tizen - and flashing your phone

    shoot.... and i just got a Note 8
  7. Kev

    Just saying hi

    good to see you back!
  8. Kev

    need to worry?

    additional info from github https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/19883
  9. Kev

    Some playing around.

    Still... a nice looking desktop!
  10. HAHAHA no worries... I mean how can you top that!!! tooooooo funny! Im still gagging and laughing!
  11. ... and thus ends the thread....