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  1. Agust

    Themes e19

    Hi to all . Greetings. Agust
  2. Agust

    Themes e19

    Hi Famewolf , to change the font type , it is possible to resize the fonts. (In reality this to my always happened to me). Here no one doubts their good will !!! Greetings: Agust
  3. Agust

    Themes e19

    Well Jeff, in fact to me is not possible to resize the fonts on Terminology, but this happens even in the default theme. But breaking to me it does not break anything. Greetings: Agust
  4. Agust

    Themes e19

    Thanks Duma , but for now !!! continued with my e17 ecomorph , I do not see any advantage to e19 and when not to e20, so it I will not make new e19 themes. But its e19 theme is very good!!!! See you!!! Agust
  5. Agust

    Themes e19

    Well , I personally do not have any problem with the themes, I do not use Epad, always used Scite. The theme is the B & W (Image 2 post above) , as I always use, I call Agust. https://www.dropbox.com/s/16ncacj1kinwhy7/A-19-Bodhi-Agust.edj?dl=0 Greetings: Agust
  6. Agust

    Themes e19

    Well Jeff , can not find why the themes have that problem with Epad, so as for now, we will not make more themes, sorry !!! Greetings: Agust
  7. Agust

    Themes e19

    Umm !!! I'll look, but not promise anything !! Theme Agust looks good. Greetings: Agust
  8. Agust

    Themes e19

    Well Jeff , I see good !! no? , well really, I like more in the theme Blue-Rad Greetings: Agust
  9. Agust

    Themes e19

    Amico , il piacere รจ stato mio , lavorare sul tuo tema ,e molto ben fatto e molto facile trovare cose di apportare le modifiche necessarie. Grazie Mile!!! Agust
  10. Agust

    Themes e19

    Hi to all , new e19theme "Blue-Rad" , Available!!! Theme Available from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bkalqbbb3ayy1g/A-E19-Blue-Rad.edj?dl=0 Gtk recommended : Mediterranean withe. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/MediterraneanNight+Series?content=156782 Icons : Vibrancy Dark Aqua. Credits for "Duma and Hannes". Please enjoy!!!! Agust
  11. Agust

    Themes e19

    Hi Peter2121 , first let me finish what I'm doing !!! Thanks for your comment! Hi all first image of the new e19theme I'm doing (it's a mix of Radiance theme and for me the best theme ever Detour) and of course my personal touch :D https://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-54dcef0c464ef1.09665720.jpg Please!!! enjoy! Agust
  12. Agust

    Pakagekit (Solved!)

    Hi Jeff , as I explain in a post above, to change the language to English, worked, but returned to break, the path is still there even if you change the language. Now!!! with the path "esudo eepDater" works well. Greetings: Agust
  13. Agust

    Share your Desktop

    Black and White https://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-54da70bae6eed7.27965065.jpg Enjoy! Agust
  14. Agust

    Pakagekit (Solved!)

    Perfect!!!!!!!! Thanks yunn Greetings: Agust
  15. Agust

    Pakagekit (Solved!)

    Nothing!!!!! not is the language, has become a break !!! Greetings: Agust