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  1. jarope

    Bodhi site

    very nice good job J!
  2. jarope

    More & other stickers

    Hi Rohit, The only link between the leaf and the use of bodhi linx is "enlightenment" so any other dew storing etc is way of i am affraid. As per your earlier post 1) no it doesnt these are stickers we are talking about - those who buy the stickers will know exactly whats going on and where the site is. 2) no it shouldnt marigold yellow is not one of the bodhi linux color pallet colors as designed by me. 3) nope that is the top of the leaf thats how it was interpruted by me for the logo. 4) nope the leaf inside the logo looks too small on most objects and would not show well inside the sticker. jarope
  3. jarope

    More & other stickers

    have received email and will send over the SVG's required, WHAT about the two color design used on the tee's and stuff??
  4. jarope

    SOLVED - GOT Pi want Bodhi!

    hey i am pretty sure i just followed this which nope doesnt have the apt-add-repo but I added the repository as discribed http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/bodhi-linux-arm-repository-online.html seen another post that says it dont work with squeeze anyway so close this down!! jarope
  5. jarope

    SOLVED - GOT Pi want Bodhi!

    Nope I am sure you have used mind reading before,but oh well basically the repo adds ok with apt-add-repo but after the update says about precise not available or similar message not running at the moment. perhaps just need this to say other version not precise? Is there a recommended emu for ARM I could try amd work on this then? And is building off Debian the best way foreward as we use ubtuntu for our main build? jarope
  6. jarope

    SOLVED - GOT Pi want Bodhi!

    ok gents and ladies Are there package issues with the ARM repo? I get a long list of dependancy issues and bodhi-desktop will not install. Thanks jarope
  7. jarope

    I HAVE MY Pi

    ok so debian from the Pi site installed on 2GB card - its a slow card added the arm bodhi repo and no go due to dependancies - will check the forum in a moment for fix downloading raspbmc beta and will also try that openELEC looks a good option but thats all build from source at the moment so will need more time surfing the net SLOW gmail dont wanna load - due i guess to RAM?? HTML page is no problem. NO FLASH who would have thought just reading JEff's blog I never considered there would be no flash so no youtube. jarope
  8. jarope

    I HAVE MY Pi

    BIG SMILES hmmmmmm suggestions please! jarope
  9. jarope

    Bodhi Theme

    i am liking this very much! and wondering about the background is it yours? and can it be used/MAYBE changed a little to work elsewhere? keep on Duma doin great! jarope
  10. currently trying to get the test mode for plymouth running then I will work on new plymouth found some info on messages which should help and will take a look at links above as well jarope
  11. jarope

    Share your desktop!

    hey all, just made a block of apartments in blender and gimped it up a bit for the sky. this is what i got Go Blender Go Gimp jarope
  12. jarope

    Sneak peak at the New Bodhi site

    jeff you got a cheek!
  13. jarope

    Sneak peak at the New Bodhi site

    this is soo much better than the crap we have at the moment, the current site should never have been allowed to go live its a mess a disgrace!! jarope
  14. jarope

    Bodhi Theme

    for me the two on the right look best. the messenger window @hotmail i like the grey but I wonder if it could be softer like the two greys we have in the color guide? or maybe even two soft greens? great job , and who says your not a designer? You are designing so therefore you are! jarope