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  1. Hi guys, today something quite weird happened. It was about 9:30am (GMT+11, so it must have been 22:30 UTC), when I had the idea to do a "apt update" and then "apt dist-upgrade". I did not pay much attention to whatever apt wrote on the screen, and just clicked on "yes"... And then, apt removed all the bodhi packages! And even more: it also removed all the I could not start X any more. A search on "bodhi" wouldn't even find the package "bodhi-desktop"... As a temporary solution, I installed ubuntu-desktop Later during the day, the package bodhi-desktop was again available, so I reinstalled it. I still had some warnings that I was using some unsupported enlightenment modules... Overall, really weird. Any idea of what happened? Cheers Raphaƫl
  2. mitija

    UEFI boot support on USB key (Bodhi 2.3)

    Thanks. I am unsure if this applies as you seem to be doing it all from CD Drives, when I am just using a USB key...
  3. mitija

    UEFI boot support on USB key (Bodhi 2.3)

    I am using the version of UX31A whith Windows 8. The bodhi USB does not start.
  4. mitija

    New install fail on ASUS Zenbook UX31A

    The issue is that we need an OS which is compatible with UEFI. As it turns out, Bodhi iso does not include support for UEFI at this satge. (it requires an /EFI directory that seems to contain UEFI boot information)
  5. Hello, I am trying to install bodhi on a laptop that does not have a CD drive (Asus zenbook UX31A). Unfortunately, the bodhi CD does not have a EFI directory which prevents the computer to boot from the USB key. I have tried to use the file provided by Ubuntu, but I did not succeed to boot. Boot works fine with Ubuntu. Is there a place where I can get the proper EFI files to boot Bodhi? An alternative would be to migrate from Ubuntu to Bodhi, is it possible? Thanks for your help Regards Mitija
  6. mitija

    New install fail on ASUS Zenbook UX31A

    I think the issue comes from the fact that the bodhi CD does not come with the EFI directory on it. It is good to know that using the EFI directory from Ubuntu will work, and I suggest that it is added to the official distro
  7. mitija

    Modules not loaded anymore at boot time?

    Yes thanks for suggesting this. I actually had a conflict with one package which prevented the configuration process to finish. This is now fixed
  8. Hello, I run the latest version of bodhi linux on a macbook pro (version 7,1) I did an update recently, and now when I reboot modules are not loaded automatically anymore. I have to do it manually using modprobe. As I did not know the full list of modules that were loaded in the past, I struggle with some basic features which do not work anymore such as suspend / reboot which is not available anymore from the GUI. Could someone point me to which part of bodhi linux is in charge of autoloading modules? Any suggestion as to why my modules do not load anymore when they used to? Thanks Mitija PS: update - suspend works fine from the command line, but the option is disabled in the enlightenment UI. It could be an unrelated problem
  9. mitija

    Libreoffice pdf import

    Hi, I cannot find the extension pdfimport for libreoffice 3.6. From the libreoffice website it says it should be included with the main package, but it is not. A package exist for libreoffice 3.5. Was it forgotten? Thanks Mitija
  10. mitija

    kernel 3.7 hangs at boot time

    Will we get packages for 3.7.3?
  11. mitija

    kernel 3.7 hangs at boot time

    Update: the issue still occurs when using package linux-image-3.7.0-7-generic
  12. mitija

    kernel 3.7 hangs at boot time

    The arch is amd64. Hardware is MacBook pro I have these packages installed (same as for other kernel versions): linux-headers-3.7.0-4 linux-headers-3.7.0-4-generic linux-image-3.7.0-4-generic As I did an upgrade from linux-image-3.5, I was thinking the issue maybe coming from a configuration file that is not compatible with 3.7? Booting using 'recovery' mode changes the message marginally, and the boot still hangs whith the last message mentionning the bluetooth hardware. Is there any way to prevent the system to init the bluetooth system? Cheers mitija
  13. mitija

    kernel 3.7 hangs at boot time

    Hi, I just upgraded to Linux kernel 3.7. However, I cannot boot my computer. It seems to crash during boot time, always when loading data for usb device (05ac 820b). This seems to be the bluetooth driver. The hardware is an Apple mac book pro. Everything works fine with other kernel versions... Any suggestions? Thanks Mitija