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  1. bullfrog

    Key Binding to single key?

    Yes, it does. Thanks!
  2. bullfrog

    Key Binding to single key?

    I would like to set up a keyboard shortcut by binding the Super key to the main menu. Is this possible, or can it only be done with a two key combination?
  3. bullfrog

    Files and folders on desktop

    Strange problem with Bodhi 3.0. Whenever I create a new folder or add a file to /home/bodhi/ it shows on the desktop. I used EFM on Bodhi 2.x and didn't have this problem, but thought it might be a quirk with EFM under 3.0. I remembered that pcmanfm doesn't show files on the desktop so I installed and set as default FM. Same results. I also tried Thunar with same results. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. bullfrog

    <Solved> Save Window Size/Position

    Good grief! I can't count the number of times I've done that. Serious brain freeze. Thanks for helping.
  5. Switching a friend from XP to Bodhi and forgot how to save window size/position. Can someone please refresh my memory?
  6. bullfrog

    icon animation(SOLVED)

    I am replying to this post mainly because it took me FOREVER to find it and I want to make sure it goes in my account Content so I don't have to hunt it in the future. Thanks Duma, I never would have figured this out on my own.
  7. bullfrog

    <SOLVED> Auto Play DVD

    Great to know about the Thunar option. After trying it, I decided to stick with EFM. Hopefully, we will see some of these features show up in E18.
  8. bullfrog

    <SOLVED> EFM display progress of large file transfers

    Thanks for the xfe suggestion, but I am trying to get away from all things not Bodhi. That's why I am trying EFM again. That being said, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words in this case! When I saw "Copy of" in the progress bar I decided to do just that. When I copied a large file from my external drive into EFM and vice versa the progress bar is there. When you drag and drop the file either way, it is not. I did notice that on dragging and dropping a file, if you highlight the file in the destination window it will "pulse" during transfer, but there is no way to monitor actual progress. Since I will always copy my files for safety sake in the future, and am aware of the behavior of drag and drop, problem solved.
  9. bullfrog

    <SOLVED> EFM display progress of large file transfers

    I have tried every stock theme in 2.4 to no avail. I see nothing in any theme of a progress bar in either the transfer or receiving EFM window. Unfortunately, I did learn something in the process. EFM does not copy files when you drag and drop, it moves them! I am playing with an old PC and just inadvertently deleted my entire backup music library and some movies that I thought were still on my external drive. Not the end of the world, but I am surprised that is the default.
  10. bullfrog

    <SOLVED> EFM display progress of large file transfers

    No, it does not. I will add that I am usually doing this from an external USB or disc drive. Would this make a difference?
  11. I have noticed there is rapid development taking place with E. I went to enlightenment.org to check change logs, but I don't know anything about tarballs so I wasn't able to access them. What I would really like to know is what changes have been made to the EFM and will there be a way to monitor progress of large file transfers in the near future?
  12. bullfrog

    <SOLVED> Auto Play DVD

    I switched from Mac to Bodhi as my primary PC over 2 years ago, but I still use my old Mac for itunes, watching DVD's etc. because it has a remote. Well, the old Mac is on it's last legs, and it's time to cut the cord. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a DVD Movie to launch on Bodhi when it's inserted in the drive. Yes, I have the DVD codecs installed. I also know I can right click on the drive and "open with" but I just want the DVD to launch in my default media player when I put the disc in. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  13. bullfrog

    Desktop of the Week #115

    This is one of the best DOTW I've ever seen. I've never done this before, but I'm voting for them all by not voting. Can losing desktops be resubmitted? If they can't, there should be an exception made for this week!
  14. bullfrog

    [SOLVED] Installing apps from the command line

    Thanks Tara!
  15. I notice in the AppCenter that apps are broken up into 32 and 64 bit. As I am getting more comfortable with Bodhi I have been saving time by using the command line. One thing that has worried me is when installing apps from the command line how does it know to install 64 or 32 bit apps when both are available? I run 64 bit Bodhi and want to make sure all my apps are also 64 bit.