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  1. I run a youtube channel called OSFirstTimer in which I get my mum to try a range of operating systems through history. My subscribers request certain os's for my mum to try then I film her attempting to perform tasks I give her. The 2nd last task is "explore the operating system yourself" and often involves looking through applications the OS comes with and customizing its appearance or looking for more applications to download. Bodhi linux has been highly requested so ill get my mum to try it in 12 hours. I'm currently planning to show her at the end of the video all the different profiles alone with that awesome animated tree/sky background. Also the amazing amount of customization with desktop gadgets and selves and so on is cool. I'll show her and the viewers the different themes and profiles and explain the difference between a theme and profile. Oh an of course I'll explain that bodhi linux is a fast, lightweight and bare operating system that comes with almost no applications yet the ability to install a package of them or only the applications you actually want. My question now though is "what else should I show her?". Remember I try to keep the videos 15-30 minutes long so I can't show her everything... She the really cool stuff. Ie seen flying linux penguins walking around the desktop and stuff but I don't know how to get that, how do I get them? Also I've seen images of bodhi linux with cool white text clocks and stuff. How do you make the clock look like that? I assuming right clicking a clock gadget and adjustng its preferences? To give you an idea about what this bodhi linux video will look like here's one of our previous videos of my mum trying out Debian: We try out a very wide range of operating systems so if you want more examples of how the bodhi linux video may turn out or the reviews my mum has made of other operating systems then check out the other videos we've made by checking out our channel page Thanks in advance for all your help. I've played a round with bodhi linux on a USB for a while and my only complaints are no sound when viewing youtube videos (it may be flash player or the system itself because I haven't heard and sounds while running bodhi linux), the system crashing and saying "this is very bad" every now and then but very frequently when messing with the appearance of the system and lack of applications avalible on the bodhi linux software centre midori page. I tried running syntactic App Store or whatever it is that gives you access to lots more packages but it just crashed each time I attempted launching it. In no way am I saying bodhi linux is bad though... I quite like and and wonder how my mum will react to it tomorrow when I film her using it for the first time. Btw we test all operating systems out of the box