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  1. mbs4

    bodhi and flash

    I always had problems with flash on both Bodhi and Xubuntu on my old x86 computer. My workaround is to install the DownloadHelper addon to Firefox and watch the mp4 videos I download with the VLC media player. This works very well for me.
  2. mbs4

    Share your desktop!

    Electric Spider Lily Link to full sizeElectric Spider Lily
  3. mbs4

    Just to get things Started

    Here's my first wallpaper for Bodhi...
  4. mbs4

    Share your desktop!

  5. mbs4

    Share your desktop!

    Yep. What do I have to do -- use dropbox or something?
  6. mbs4

    Share your desktop!

    Bodhi on the horizon of Enchanted Rock park near Austin.