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  1. cooler

    UFRaw or other RAW/CR2 Plug-In for GIMP?

    Hi You could use Darktable (http://darktable.org/) for raw files. Best regards,
  2. cooler

    AppCenter version numbers

    To the original poster: it would be nice if the version numbers would be shown, but if it's difficult to implement it than it's not wort the effort. Many users install very little software from the AppCenter. You should not rely on it for everything. You can follow the procedure in https://code.launchpad.net/~inkscape.dev/+archive/ubuntu/stable to upgrade to the last version. Many other projects provide .deb files for download that you can install using the gdebi program.
  3. cooler

    Double commander and RAGE

    Thank you. Rage is working for me (except some files captured with an action cam). Double commander too.
  4. cooler

    Double commander and RAGE

    Are this software requests still available?
  5. cooler

    How well are the S3 Chrome GPUs supported?

    Oblio... Chrome is a GPU made by defunct S3 Graphics (bought by VIA); it has no relation to Chrome browser. Atoss you can boot from USB with a Bodhi stick an see if it's ok or not. I'm sorry that I cannot help you with more advice. Back in the day I had high hopes for the Chrome GPU.. too bad it lost traction. Good luck!
  6. cooler

    New to Linux, installing on MacBook

    Welcome to Bodhi Linux. You could try the installation straightforward on your X31- an excellent laptop (I've owned one or two of them) - but you need the legacy version of Bodhi. Once you've seen what's all about you could try to upgrade your Mac. As a slight coincidence I've also started using Linux because of a Thinkpad X (I don't remember if it was a X22 or X31). At that time Ubuntu just changed their kernel and the non-PAE machines were no longer supported and that's how I found out about Bodhi from some post in a forum. Good luck!
  7. Hello I'd like to use Double commander 0.8.1 and the RAGE player from enlightenment. Name: Double commander Homepage: https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/ Requested Version: 0.8.1 Debian Source: https://sourceforge.net/p/doublecmd/wiki/Download/ For RAGE I think there's no need for data. THANK YOU!
  8. cooler

    Bodhi 4.4.0 Released

    Thank you for your answer. I was just wondering if there was a technical reason for 1.19.1 instead of 1.19.2; 1.19.2 was released in 18 august and it's actually a few days older than Ephoto 1.5 and Terminology 1.1.0, both of which are included in 4.4.0. I'm not really sure if it's an improvement over 1.19.1 but it could solve some small bugs: https://www.enlightenment.org/news/efl-1.19.2 Thank you for your hard work.
  9. cooler

    cannot "see" android phone files on MTP

    The problem is solved in the new Bodhi 4.4.0.
  10. cooler

    Bodhi 4.4.0 Released

    Thank you for another release. My Lenovo phone is seen by the 4.4.0 so that's a clear improvement for me. Jeff is there a reason for choosing EFL 1.19.1 instead of EFL 1.19.2? It seems the 1.19.2 is the final release for E19. Thank you.
  11. cooler

    Youtube, loading, choppy, D620

    You should consider your D620 as old hardware. Youtube is nowadays resource-hungry. You could install gnome-system-monitor and take a look at what's "eating" your CPU-cycles. My bet is the youtube running keeps your CPU at 100%. You could just lower the resolution or your expectations.
  12. cooler

    nm-applet issues

    If you don't need the touchpad at all you could try to disable it in the BIOS. I'm using a mouse all the time. Best regards,
  13. cooler

    Bodhi ranking

    It doesn't rank higher as it has rare releases and therefore it's not in the "spotlight" of distrowatch visitors. It used to be much higher in the distrowatch ranking (between 20th and 30th place most of the time). When Jeff stopped maintaining Bodhi it even got delisted from distrowatch for a while; I'm glad he came back and kept it alive. Actually I don't think the ranking is quite meaningless, but I would too not regard it as the only metric. New users of Linux usually check out the top distributions, so a high ranking gets you new users, but this might not necessarily be a good thing. I got to know about Bodhi from an Ubuntu forum post after failing to install the PAE ISO on a Thinkpad X22 laptop: Bodhi was advertised as having a non-PAE iso. I liked Bodhi very much and used it most of the time since. However I find trying other distros usefull. It's good to exercise our freedom as opposed to the Microsoft Evil Empire.
  14. cooler

    cannot "see" android phone files on MTP

    They are quite different. The little (13") Fujitsu laptop doesn't have many things installed apart from office tools, Firefox, etc. I have them installed (it's actually mtp-tools) I've tried before to get the phones "working" on my Precision and tried all sorts of things read on the Internet but couldn't get them to work. Since I rarely need the files from the phone I gave up (tried also getting them trough bluetooth but didn't managed that either), however i find it annoying to need to start another laptop just to get the pictures. The link is ok for the phone with the laptop as the annoying Lenovo tools are available for install (the tools are for Windows). I also am able to "see" the link, but can't access the files.