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  1. Thank you. i remeber seeing an editor for theme files but it was years ago around e16. I assume that's gone now?
  2. I just started using terminology in Gentoo, and i love it. I had gnome terminal's and urxvt's colors all set up to match a color pallete called ZenBurn Since i did it for urxvt i know what the hex codes are. Where/how can i import these colors into terminology without using that slider set up which will be difficult to get right? Thanks, Bearcat
  3. [SOLVED] terminology tabs

    Thanks AntCer! Well, here's to hoping that the keybindings become more flexible, so my fingers don't have to. It should be configurable simply for accessibility reasons alone. When you can customize the colors (i'm on version 0.3) it will become my terminal of choice. Great work.
  4. [SOLVED] terminology tabs

    I just started using Terminology yesterday. Thanks for this thread or i never would have found out how to switch tabs. I'm using Terminology under a gnome 3 desktop on gentoo. How can i change the keybindings of terminology (config file)? On my keyboard control-shift-home is actually ctrl-shift-fn on the left hand and home on the right hand. It's like playing Twister for my fingers! Is there a list of keybindings somewhere (though i'll probably see those if i can figure out how to edit them) Thanks!