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  1. mjp

    Running a program with root priveleges

    Thanks aka Jazz and birdmun. For the benefit of any other novices, thanks to the link provided by birdmun http://www.picaxefor...hp/t-23234.html I finaly got to here http://serial-lines.blogspot.co.nz/2011/02/permissions.html So I did this mjp@mjp-A80:~$ ls -l /dev/ttyS0 crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 4, 64 Jul 10 21:41 /dev/ttyS0 and then added myself to the dialout group with mjp@mjp-A80:~$ sudo adduser mjp dialout but wasted lots of time before I read this There's one more stage to perform, and that is to log out and log back in again for the group change to take effect. and now the programme works without me having to use sudo and I'm very happy.
  2. mjp

    Running a program with root priveleges

    Is there a better or safer way for me to run LinAXEpad than doing this; mjp@mjp-A80:~$ sudo /home/mjp/Picaxeprog/LinAXEpad to run the programme LinAXEpad. If I don't run it using sudo the programme says it can't open the port /dev/ttys0 because of a permission error. The programme LinAXEpad is an environmet for creating BASIC code and then downloading it via a serial port to a PicAXE microcontroller. It's part of a little robot kit I just bought to try and build with my kids in the school holidays. The above method works, but I'd like something that doesn't involve the kids opening a terminal and playing around with root permissions. I am a relative newbie with Linux and using the PicAXE chip and its development environment. Any help needs to be in beginner language. 8-)
  3. I have no particular expertise in this area, but in the absence of any other suggestions you could look at https://www.gnupg.org/ I've used GnuPG to encrypt single files on my C720 stored locally and in dropbox. Worked well.
  4. Thanks. Can't figure out what "hibernate" is actually doing so gone back to "suspend" for during the day and will power off when putting it away for the night.
  5. Shelf On my C720 I have the Forum Theme (the green swooshy one) with the shelf at the top. A "right click" (so two finger touch on the track pad) on the shelf brings up a menu that includes an item "shelf" and that has the option to autohide the shelf. Then a click on the + makes a window fill the whole screen. Trackpad Mine is fine out of the box, but I don't use the mechanical click much. Problems with suspend Sitting Fox has created some Chromebook Wiki pages that has this suggestion for fixing problems after suspend. Have you tried it? http://www.bodhilinux.com/w/chromebook-faq/#After_suspending_Bodhi_by_closing_the_lid_the_Chromebook_won8217t_wake_up
  6. When I shut the lid on my Acer C720 I think the default action was suspend. When I left it in it's carry case it got quite hot. I've been trying to find out if hibernate would be better, as in not get so hot, but am getting confused. I've tried using menu, settings, all, input, acpi bindings, and linked "Lid Closed" to "Hibernate Now" but I'm not sure that is actualy working. After closing the lid I get a black/blank screen. The litle blue indicator light on the front stays on. From the blank secreen I get my Bodhi desktop back by using ctrl+esc Is hibernate not available by default in Bodhi 3.0? I see on the Ubuntu pages a method to enable it here http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/enable-hibernate-ubuntu-14-04/ but not sure if I would need to do it. Would using hibernate reduce the heat build up anyway? Would I end up back at the legacy boot using hibernate instead of suspend? I have Bodhi only booting from legacy SeaBios.
  7. mjp

    Must have Wiki Articles

    Somewhere for Chromebook specific instructions and support? Or is there a way of a tagging posts so a filter would narrow down my searches a bit? I've just got a C720 running using Seabios legacy boot. Very happy with it, and I know nothing about Linux except what I've learnt by following instructions in the Bodhi Wikis and getting help from the forums. I needed to search the archive to find that I needed to install pavucontrol to get the internal microphone to work for Skype. I expect there will more things like that as I get things set up how I want them. If there's something a novice like me can contribute time to I'd like to do that.
  8. mjp

    [Solved] Applicable Chromebooks for the new .iso

    There is a table on this page showing which Chromebooks have SeaBios available https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Chromebook
  9. mjp

    [SOLVED]Skype suden problems

    Yes Alsa. Any other eeepc 4G users got similar problems?
  10. mjp

    [SOLVED]Skype suden problems

    I had problems with sound levels and used this to fix it
  11. mjp

    [SOLVED] How do you delete a speed dial in Midori

    For other novices like me: Navigate to Home Right click in the navigation pane and select options click on the "Show hidden files" button. this should reveal the hidden directories open .config, then midori, then right click on the speeddial file and use "open with leafpad" and delete the unwanted links
  12. mjp

    DVD/CD not playing with VLC

    An audio CD is not mountable, so not sure what you'd see using EFM if you tried that. To play a DVD using VLC I needed to install libdvdcss2 - to get past the zone code. The medibuntu1 package didn't work for me.
  13. mjp

    Successful install on EEE_PC

    re the pre-view-pop-ups, to turn them off Right click directory Options File Manager Settings Tooltips Uncheck the Show tooltip box (ie you're turning ff the tooltip)
  14. So I made a little progress but not enough to get it working. Using synaptic to install wine and the pipeleight packages from the "standard" repositories does not work. Following the instructions exactly from the pipelight web site (to get the patched wine and piplelight packages from their ppa repository) got the unity web player starting. As far as the Lego games go we see the introductory video, but the interactive elements of the games don't load. I'll leave it there for now.
  15. I have a non-PAE kernel Bodhi on an old Toshiba Sattellite laptop. We have the Chrome web-browser. My 9 year old likes to play games from the Lego website but they increasingly need "Unity Webplayer" from here http://unity3d.com/unity This is a link to Pipelight http://fds-team.de/cms/pipelight-installation.html which looks like it might work without having to get a windows version of the browser running through WINE. As I am a mostly clueless user I'm hoping someone has figured out how to do this and found the bugs. Alternatively shout "Don't go there!". Should I research this possibility further or is it a dead end?