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  1. Paper Icons & GTK Theme

  2. Paper Icons & GTK Theme

    Name: Paper Homepage: https://snwh.org/paper/download
  3. What should I do on my old computer?

    I know I am late to the game ... but what about an NES/Atari Emulator system. I just really got into this myself an have been really enjoying it.
  4. Setting Panel Still Refers to Everything Launcher

    Sounds good. Thanks!!
  5. Settings Panel >> Launcher still refers to Everything Launcher instead of Quick Launcher.
  6. Key Binding Settings still include a section about Everything Launcher. It should be renamed to Quick Launcher. Go to Menu >> Settings Panel >> Input >> Key Bindings Settings >> Everything Launcher.
  7. Help Cleaning up the Wiki

  8. Bodhi is awesome!! So, do not get me wrong on that. I was just curious if the idea of supporting an additional window manager ever came into play? For example, I stumbled upon PekWM. It is a fantastic WM and (oddly enough) falls right into Bodhi's philosophy: Light, Elegant, Simple. This is just an example ... I am not advocating the idea (or a particular WM) one way or another. I know other distros support additional DEs/WMs. Many have a flagship DE/WM, then have a others that they support "on the side." For Example, Mint's flagship is Cinnamon, but also include Mate, Xfce, and KDE versions Yes, I know that adding another DE/WM is a simple process that almost anyone can do. But usually, when an additional supported all of the "leg work" is done. I will continue to use Moksha (as well as Xfce and now PekWM.) **Yes, I have too many machines. Again, just to be clear ... I am not advocating the idea (or a particular WM) one way or another ... just curious more than anything if this has ever come up. Thanks.
  9. Help Cleaning up the Wiki

    We could always add a note to wiki pages (when applicable) where 3.x differs from 4.1. For example ... "Note: Users of versions prior to 4.1 must click here instead of there." Or something to that effect.
  10. Help Cleaning up the Wiki

    Easy enough. How to do I get a wiki credentials to make the edits?
  11. Help Cleaning up the Wiki

    Jeff, I may have a little time in the evenings to look at this. What's the best way proceed?
  12. Bodhi Linux 4.1.0 Released

    Congrats on a fine looking release!! Haven't had much time to dig in yet, but I will soon. One of the best looking releases so far!
  13. Bodhi Glow Wallpaper

    Hi All. I have not been around much, but I decided to whip up a quick simply wallpaper. Hopefully you all like. I put it out on imgur: http://imgur.com/IjxHnrY I will try to make some others ... time permitting.