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  1. I had that error once and it was caused because I installed Grub in the second HD (I have two hard drives, the first one with windows and the second with Linux). If you have two or more hard drives try installing grub in the first one; you won't lose your data but back it up just to be sure.
  2. babel

    Revert to older E?

    While upgrading remember to use the command dist-upgrade too. This could be the cause of all your troubles.
  3. babel

    Update manager?

    You have to do it the old way, and I like it. More control over updates.
  4. I found a lot of mistakes in Spanish, so here's the right spelling for it: Cómo obtener ayuda en el foro si no lo puedes pedir en inglés Preferimos que hagas tus solicitudes de soporte (Request Support) en inglés. Si lo haces así obtendrás la mayor ayuda posible ya que todos podrán entender tu pregunta; sin embargo, sabemos que puede ser difícil expresar tu problema en una lengua que no es la tuya, así que para poder ayudarte lo mejor posible haz la pregunta en tu idioma si es que no puedes formularla en inglés. Te pedimos que tengas en mente lo siguiente: Intenta preguntar en inglés, si no te es posible, hazlo en tu propio idioma. Adjunta una traducción de tu pregunta en inglés (de algún servicio en línea de traducción como Google Translate). Asegúrate que el título de tu pregunta esté en inglés. @eonius As i've said before, I can't help a lot now that I started my master, but once in a while you can send me something and I'll gladly translate it.
  5. babel

    Bodhi release codenames

    Are you mexican by any chance? hahaha Saludos desde el DF
  6. babel

    Bodhi sound

    Got it. Thanks a lot.
  7. babel

    Bodhi sound

    I've been with a lot of work so I haven't had time to look for a sound. I want to ask if we can create an art wiki entry to host these sounds or what can we do to at least have the choice to use them on start-up.
  8. babel

    Software Request Thread

    Fair enough, thank you. Can't wait for Bodhi 2.
  9. babel

    Purge Nvidia Driver from Terminal

    How do you installed nvidia driver in the first place? Because if you used jockey you can purge it that way and your system will be fine.
  10. babel


    If you'd like to, you can have installed Linux, Windows and MacOS in the same machine.
  11. babel

    Bodhi release codenames

    Ahhahaha No sabía que hablabas español.
  12. babel

    Bodhi release codenames

    I'm sorry, I know what I mean is spanish but maybe I didn't say it right in english. I mean versions with codename are just something hip right now; I can't see the point of it. That's just me though.
  13. babel

    unetbootin finally works

    Really? all the Linux distros I use are from pen drive (using unetbootin). I don't know what's wrong.
  14. babel

    Many questions from a dummie...

    About translating Bodhi, I'm having a hard time due to my master, so any help translating spanish would be appreciated. Plz talk to ottermaton if you can help. (To everyone: all the things Aciago wrote in spanish are about helping in translation ).
  15. babel

    Bodhi release codenames

    Agreed with mark. I can't understand the need of naming versions. I think right now is just a fashion statement.