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  1. Tristam

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Ah, but is it as simple and functional as i3? I don't have to touch my mouse unless I'm in one of those silly graphical applications I have to use.
  2. Tristam

    Yet More Sysadmin monkeying...

    Hahaha, you act like I actually know what I am doing. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I have no idea what you're even talking about with activity streams and what not. I install and administer the forums. I have no idea how to actually USE them! My 289 posts have taken the better part of a decade to accumulate! As far as the website goes, I'm not sure about that. I updated a bunch of plugins, the parent theme, and wordpress, but have no idea which one of those might have caused your scrolling. I experience it too on a small browser window. I'll see if @aeonius has any idea. He is the wayward webdev...
  3. Tristam

    Annoying spam posts

    Gee, why didn't I think of that? I've been dialing in 3 different anti spam mechanisms since I upgraded and migrated the forums. We're volunteers, we don't get paid to babysit the forums 24/7.
  4. Yes! I love black outlined rectangles! If they were good enough for Caesar, they are good enough for me! 🏛️
  5. Tristam

    Yet More Sysadmin monkeying...

    I'm backing stuff up from the old server now. Once I'm done, someone's going to kill it...complain all you want after that, there will be no going back! Muahahahahaha! I did find a VM disk image of the oooooooooooooooold web/forum server...I can resurrect that and give you something to cry about! Heh j/k
  6. Tristam

    Yet More Sysadmin monkeying...

    Migrating the website today. Wait until tomorrow to complain about any website weirdness. Tristam
  7. Tristam

    Just saying hi

    Who are you again?............ Hahaha...there's a reason there's a tag for Tristamisajerk on the forums...
  8. It apparently works with short codes too If you this kind of stuff, then it's your lucky day. If you or then you have me to be 😦 at.
  9. Since you are reading this...I either succeeded, or used my quota of badwords for the day........ Luckily, after remembering some of my changes after upgrading the last time to IPS 4.3, I got things working on the new server. If anyone runs into any forum weirdness, toss a reply to this topic. Your Friendly, Evil Bodhi Sysadmin, Tristam
  10. Starting at noon today (May 10) the great forums migration of 2018 begins. This may or may not go smoothly. If smoothly, forums should be back up in an hour or less. If not so smoothly, who knows? I have posted a note to the website. I will update that with any pertinent info. Tomorrow it will be reversed if the forum migration actually works, I will move the website. Stay tuned... Your Friendly, Evil Bodhi Sysadmin, Tristam
  11. The repo migration has been completed. The DNS change should propagate over the course of the next 24-48 hours. Google's public DNS servers already show the change. Happy Bodhiing! The painful part starts now...Forum and Website migrations. Keep your fingers crossed! Your Friendly, Evil Bodhi Sysadmin, Tristam
  12. Tristam

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Yeah, I'm an idiot. My 280 posts have taken 7 years to amass. I'm not so savvy on the forums even though I'm the one that installs and maintains them. Go figure. Screenshot is there now.
  13. Tristam

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Mine is a little prettier than that. I use compositing, background images, and transparent terminals.
  14. Tristam

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    It's a tiling window manager. Applications are tiled across the whole screen. You don't click and drag them anywhere, you just resize them or move them with keyboard shortcuts. I only use my mouse in my web browser, email client, and a few GUI apps. Most of the time I'm in the terminal though. I have 8-10 terminals open and doing stuff most of the time at work. It's an acquired taste and again, not as pretty as E by any stretch. I've seen people use something called tmux to do a lot of the stuff I like about i3 from a terminal perspective, but I haven't played with it. https://i3wm.org/ Tristam