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  1. Linux on Lennox

    Too much electric wizardry for me...I'll stick with my Bose soundbar, sub, and surround speakers. Also, thanks for getting that blasted broken glass song stuck in my head! I'll need to scrub it out with some Swedish death metal or something... Tristam
  2. Forum Login Issue

    Should be fixed. Give it a whack and let me know.
  3. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    I was thinking the logo on the same line as the text would be better too. P.S. What if the girl makes more money than you do?
  4. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    Gonna have to punt on the lets encrypt stuff. Too much crapola going on. I'll try to make some time next week when the wife is back in town and I can do a little offloading of the honey do list.
  5. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    Still looks blue to me...and no logo.
  6. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    aeonius, the lord high webbernet master of the Bodhi said it shouldn't be too hard to manhandle things to be more Bodhacious, but he is presently super busy impressing some girl or other and will get to it as time allows.
  7. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    This was a BIIIIIIIG jump in versions for ip.boards. You'll notice some pretty big changes, not the least of which is all the old theme elements going away. For now I will leave this and see if we can get a similar theme for ips4. Any complaints, comments, flames, or offers to name your first born after me, let me know. This will be all the monkeying I do tonight. Wednesday is going to be a little later than I originally posted. My wife signed me up for something starting at 7pm, so downtime is more likely to be 9pm or 10pm Wednesday. Hopefully it won't take that long. Tristam
  8. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    There will be some disruption to Bodhi Linux services this evening, Monday April 9 from around 7pm Eastern until midnight Eastern. This will mostly affect the forums. Website and repos should be mostly up. On Wednesday April 11 from around 7pm Eastern until around 9pm Eastern, there will be some intermittent availability on all services as I do some upgrades to all servers hosting services. I will update this post each night as I finish (hopefully successfully). Tristam
  9. Bodhi services, website, forums, and repos will be intermittently available during this time for much needed server maintenance. Tristam
  10. Okay, I didn't get everything done and I went past my downtime window. I'll schedule some more downtime when I have a chance to finish things, hopefully not a year later than it should happen.
  11. I'll be doing long overdue maintenance on the Bodhi servers, including updates to the forum software, website software, and the underlying OSes and virtualization stack. Services will be up and down from 9pm-midnight Eastern time this evening. If you see errors during this time, it's all my fault most likely. Tristam
  12. Forum search issues

    My Content search is set to return the last 365 days of content. Tristam
  13. What browser is there in the "Standard" version?

    This might be helpful...since Bodhi is Ubuntu based, this will probably apply: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent
  14. I used to work at RPI...the college...haha. As for setting up a home grown email server, you will run into loads of issues in this age of Spam crackdown. I've had ten kinds of hell getting the forum and website to properly email (and still haven't managed it flawlessly) using a self hosted MTA. I'm no email guru, but I've run into trouble several times with smtp servers (one of which was in the lab I worked in at RPI) after they started cracking down on spam. You may get a lot of rejections sending from your home box if you can get it to work at all. You can, however, get your bodhilinux.com email address working easily in Thunderbird using identities as I linked in my earlier post. Sadly, I can't figure out how to get it to work on my phone using the Samsung email client. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd try a different client. Tristam
  15. I'm not sure about gmail smtp servers in particular, but in general, if you authenticate to an smtp server with a recognized account, you can send mail with any "From" address you want. In Thunderbird, I use "Identities" to send mail from accounts like my bodhilinux.com account. I don't know if/how you can setup similar functionality in the gmail web interface. Thunderbird identities are explained here. Tristam