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  1. ContemplativeFarmer

    The EDI IDE

    I agree that it is probably not worth the effort, nor the trouble. Not for a single app which perhaps only a few of us would use. If it is available in the testing branch, that would be great.
  2. ContemplativeFarmer

    The EDI IDE

    I attempted a compile on a Sparky 5.1 minimal/GUI on a VBox VM and ran into the EFL 1.20 required issue as well. I guess I will wait a bit longer to take a look at this... Am looking forward to it... (and yes, the Sparky machine was up to date)
  3. ContemplativeFarmer

    The EDI IDE

    Sorry, I should have posted links to what I was referring to, which I think may be related but seems different than what you are referring to Jayan. Let me know if I am wrong about that. https://www.enlightenment.org/about-edi I am MicroSoft averse and so have very little experience with .NET and the rest of the MS stuff. Thus, I am ignorant of most of what you refer to. I have one laptop with MS10 on it just so I can help my wife out with some of her tasks. Her work laptop is of course MS...
  4. ContemplativeFarmer

    The EDI IDE

    Has anyone used the EDI IDE and if so in what environment. I took a look at it, downloaded it, but it requires some libraries which are not yet available on Bodhi 4.1. No big deal, but I am interested in feedback from anyone who might have given it a shot in some other environment. Thanks in advance.
  5. ContemplativeFarmer

    Moksha Freeze - Bug Submittal

    I marked this solved. The testing branch of efl seems to have addressed the freezes. I commented a bit further on gitub. Thanks for looking into this for me.
  6. ContemplativeFarmer

    Moksha Freeze - Bug Submittal

    And I hope I answered the questions you asked completely enough. I will focus my attention on github at this point and come back here only when the issue is resolved there, or if otherwise directed to do so by you.
  7. ContemplativeFarmer

    Moksha Freeze - Bug Submittal

    I have issues a bug report at https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha/issues/45. In general, I have experience many desktop freeze issues when moving application windows from one monitor to another in a multi-monitor setup. If anyone else has experienced this, feel free to add to the bug report linked above. Thanks, wjw
  8. ContemplativeFarmer

    Is Google Chrome a pig?

    My experience is that Google Chrome and Chromium and FireFox are in fact hogs. I run htop or conky most of the time and if any of these three browsers are running, they constantly are at the top of the cpu and memory usage stack. Even others apps like WPS Office, RStudio, TexStudio barely show up in the top 5 when these browsers are running. My laptop(s) are pretty well loaded up with memory, so I don't see too much lag, but it is noticeable. I find myself killing the browser (whichever one) fairly often. For development and troubleshooting web pages though, they sure are handy!
  9. ContemplativeFarmer

    Screen across Desktops

    The first reply from Skater actually got me where I want to go. I had not thought to simply use a key-binding. ( I don't think that was what I had been doing originally, but it get me where I want to go). Thanks much to Staind and Elw3 for helping me remember what was as compared to what is! Now, to nitpick the differences: I think that the original setup I had made use of the Xorg.conf file, making a 'virtual screen' which was as wide as both my monitors, thus the monitor/desktop relationship was 1:1. (I think). That was back when I worked on a desktop and my monitor config rarely if ever changed. Now that I work exclusively on laptops and move from place to place, with monitor setups never the same, it is not really a feasible approach. The constantly changing environment eventually led me to confusion regarding what gets set where, how, and when, with RandR, Xorg.conf, and video cards/drivers(a couple of different laptops) exacerbating my already clogged old memory :-) . The keybind solution works really well for me because I rarely use the desktop gadget in the tray to do more than remind what desktop I am on when I return from a break, I simply cycle to the desktop I want using the Ctrl+Alt+(left/right). When I move from place to place (main home, farm workshop, other semi-static-place-where-monitor-setup-rarely-changes), I simply use RandR to select the appropriate config after login, and I am on my way. No muss, no fuss. The beauty of enlightenment, (much like Perl) There is more than one way to do it (TIMTOWTDI). Which is another of the reasons I have been stuck on it for so many years... Thanks again to all!
  10. ContemplativeFarmer

    Screen across Desktops

    One thing that seems to have changed over the last few versions of Enlightenment is the relationship between a monitor and a 'screen'. I used be able to have a virtual desktop that spanned both of my monitors, which I still do in a way. My desktop spans both monitors with the mouse moving between with no problem. However, when I switch desktops, only the desktop on the monitor which is currently in use switches, the other monitor remains. I of course can then move to the other monitor and switch that one as well. What I want to do is group the display across monitors as a single desktop, so that when I switch, I get both. This used to be the default in my experience. Have I missed some fundamental change that happened? More importantly, is there a way to achieve what I have (hopefully described in an understandable way) asked about? I want the virtual desktop to the width of both monitors, but am not seeing how to get there... Thanks in advance, wjw
  11. Have attempted to install the intel-linux-graphics-installer, both versions 1.04 and 1.05 (64bit) for Ubuntu without any luck. Seems the dependencies are always a step ahead of what is installed on Bodhi. Wondering if anyone has had any luck with this? Relevant hardware info: Intel HD Graphics 4600 with Share Memory Architecture Intel Core i7-4700MQ (2.4~3.4GHz) w/6M L3 Cache - 4 Cores - 8 Threads uname -a: Linux wjw-sager 3.12.0-031200-generic #201311031935 SMP Mon Nov 4 00:36:54 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Any hints appreciated.. Thanks
  12. ContemplativeFarmer

    Terminology 0.50 Rocks!

    Simply can't say enough... take the best of screen and the best of eterm, stir gently, let sit in the sun, add ice and sip it all afternoon... Terminology is really very nice! 3.0 alpha has been running nicely for what it is(alpha). Chromium-browser is hosed at the moment though. Main content window slides away from the containing frame when one moves or re-sizes the app. Sometimes the menus show up under this dis-inherited display.... Last nights update fixed chromium(2014-04-15). Overall though. very nice! wjw
  13. ContemplativeFarmer

    Considering pushing out the release timeline one month

    Seems wise to me. wjw
  14. ContemplativeFarmer

    Looking for a new default Wall Paper for 3.0.0

    I like this!!! wjw
  15. ContemplativeFarmer

    Programming Environment

    Eclipse is available for Java and works pretty well. I don't do Java myself, but have used Eclipse for Perl dev(EPIC). When I was working as a build & deploy engineer at a large insurance company, MyEclipse was the choice for ~1200 developers. They seemed to like it. Eclipse is free and available as one of those found in synaptic. Truly, I prefer Sublime as my editor, though Jedit also works nicely. They both have plugin's to support various rev controls such as SVN/GIT/CVS as well as others. wjw