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  1. ryenigma

    Swami Control Panel Priorities

    Oh OK. I guess that makes sense. I was halfway thinking about trying to play with the code to see if I could get it to work but sounds like it might be way out of my league for now. Thanks for the response.
  2. ryenigma

    Swami Control Panel Priorities

    So I know it has been a while since you have posted about this but the things I have found to be "off" so far are, swami crashes when switching themes, and when you change wallpaper you need to change to another desktop to get the change to show. That or reset Moksha but that is more "destructive". I can try getting logs if it would help.
  3. ryenigma

    Atom Text Editor

    This looks pretty promising. I will have to play with this for a while.
  4. ryenigma

    Bodhi 3.1.0

    Now that is how Bodhi is supposed to feel.
  5. ryenigma

    Installing Moksha on Bodhi

    I figured out what causes this today when I installed Moksha over my E-17. Everything is fine until you activate Composite effects. It just seems to make everything black as soon as you load it. If you know where to click things still work but you can't see what you are clicking on. I am not sure if that has anything to do with the theme that is being used, I am currently using the default theme and it still happens to me. It might be some left over stuff as you said as I have been updating my install from a beta version of the 64-bit 3.0 version with E-19, and have had a few issues with upgrades over the time, including white text in search boxes in Firefox, meh. Definitely going to do a reinstall in August when 3.1 comes out to see if it cleans everything up. Sorry for putting this here but I figured it made sense with reference to the problem above. I also found a not so easy way to fix it is to upgrade to E-19 and downgrade/upgrade back to Moksha which keeps your profile settings for the most part and makes it a little easier than completely rebuilding your profile.
  6. ryenigma

    Bodhi Linux 3.0 Legacy RC2 Release

    I can confirm it has been added to the mainline as Jeff stated. I acutally have the CB35 Toshiba Chromebook and have been running mainline on it for little while now and it works great. Only strange thing is now I get a strange usb 2-4: string descriptor malformed error that makes booting take a while but I am not too worried about it. That and an odd issue with the brightness buttons where only the dimming one works but that is for a different part of the forums. Also thanks for picking up the mantle of this amazing distro Deepspeed.
  7. ryenigma

    Bodhi 3 Release likely Delayed

    Thanks for the update Jeff. As always thanks for the great work you and the rest of the team put into Bodhi.
  8. ryenigma

    Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC1 Release

    Jeff, I second yerc1's post and if you could add that patch to the kernel it should fix the touchpad issues I was having in 3.0 on my Toshiba. I realize it was originally intended for kernel 3.8 so I am not 100% sure what kind of implications it might have at the point of patching. I have tried compiling my own kernel but then I end up losing the adjustments you had made initially in the chromebook version. I will keep working on it myself but if it could be included in future releases it would be awesome. Thanks for any help you can offer. I think I saw on one of the kernel bug report pages that there might be a missing a bracket in the patch so just a word of warning. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. ryenigma

    Toshiba Chromebook CB30

    I am happy to help. I am so green to doing all this and life has disrupted my time to learn the deeper linux/chrombook workings. If you can walk me thru the steps to extract it for you I am happy to do so.
  10. ryenigma

    Toshiba Chromebook CB30

    Thanks Charles. I will do some digging tonight and post back what I find. I figured I would have to branch out but that gives me a bit more understanding of what I might have to do to get this up and working. Any pointers on where I sound start for guides on altering my kernel. I am pretty new to the inner workings of Linux but that was why I picked up this machine to force and allow a place to learn. Edit: I just saw your post about the module in 3.13 I will check that out and try and make it active.
  11. ryenigma

    Toshiba Chromebook CB30

    One more thing I forgot to mention is that when I updated the kernel from 3.11 to 3.13, upon booting it hangs for a long time at a black screen before booting. When I say long time I mean maybe a minute but once I went to 3.15 it would boot to Bodhi instantly without the pause. Not sure if that means anything or not. Is it trying to show the grub menu?
  12. ryenigma

    Toshiba Chromebook CB30

    Ok Jeff, so I tried updating the kernel from the terminal with just doing the kernel and not the extra modules. That broke the usb mouse and wireless module, which is probably to be expected. I finally tried comparing what was installed in synaptic and realized that the extras were used as well so I installed them both from there to a new clean install and it fixed the usb mouse and didn't break the wireless. Not a win but better than nothing. The touch pad is still not working at this point so the kernel doesn't have any updates for it as of yet it would appear. I did load chromeos back up and I pulled the following from the cat /proc/bus/input/devices command which shows a Cypress touchpad. I: Bus=0018 Vendor=0000 Product=0000 Version=0001 N: Name="Cypress APA Trackpad (cyapa)" P: Phys=i2c-9-0067/input0 S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.1/i2c-9/9-0067/input/input7 U: Uniq= H: Handlers=event7 B: PROP=5 B: EV=b B: KEY=e520 10000 0 0 0 0 B: ABS=660800001000003 I am not sure if that helps with identifying the issue but I guess it gives me a place to start digging. I found http://realityequation.net/installing-elementary-os-on-an-hp-chromebook-14 and https://googledrive.com/host/0B0YvUuHHn3MndlNDbXhPRlB2eFE/cros-haswell-modules.sh so I will dig through those and see if I can find some way to modify that work to get it up and working. Another page that I found that included some less than exciting news was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1296534 I tried as recommended to install from the mainline and bumped the kernel up to 3.15 but it still didn't resolve the issue. I am kind of amazed that even the camera works fine just not the touchpad. Kind of irritating that there isn't a fix as of yet but I am learning as I go it isn't all that bad. I will post more as I try additional things or if you need me to do any more testing.
  13. ryenigma

    Toshiba Chromebook CB30

    This is my first real post to forums and I am appreciate all of the help they have been in fixing my issues with Bodhi over the years. I have a new issue and have yet to find a solution but would like to help find the solution if at all possible. I have been following Jeff's posts about Chromebooks and have been really interested in trying this out for myself. After looking at the Acer C720 and the HP14 I realized I needed to be different and would be willing to try out the Toshiba 13.3 inch. I was able to get into the SeaBios and do a legacy boot and even load 3.0 up just fine but it would appear that the kernel doesn't have the information for the touch pad. I can hook up a usb mouse and that works fine but takes away from the portablity factor and I acutally like this touch pad a lot. I found very little information on how to get this fixed but I did come across a page that told me to enter cat /proc/bus/input/devices and see if the device even shows up which it doesn't. I am not sure what the next step would be to figure this out but I am willing to try/test anything. If it is a matter of me doing some programming I am happy to dig but I am not really sure where to start. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative. On a side not I bought this with the sole purpose of putting Bodhi on it and testing the 3.0 builds. Oh and putting my recently acquired Bodhi stickers over the chrome logo I should also add that I used the unetbootin process to create by boot device and that worked. I tried to do the dd process and the drive wouldn't boot. I apologize if this should be in support request but I wasn't sure as I was trying to use the beta build as that is the direction I would like to go.
  14. ryenigma

    Default Window Focus Settings

    I used to not like the mouse over focus but now that I have been using Bodhi more regularly it irritates me that Windows doesn't work that way. I would imagine it is an easier transition though for people not used to it.