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  1. language pack issue

    I have the same problem again Jeff. Can you help me please??. I flashed sd I reinstall img then followed the steps and again only some menĂ¹ in italian. Before trying to solve the problem I do not remember what I tried to install. after followed all the steps Ihaven't language menu in setting panel. thank you.
  2. language pack issue

    BINGO!!!!! Just now I finished. I did a mistake in the previous config: I didn't set the default lang as IT, I put IT as a possible lang but not default. So I remaked all the procedure setting up IT as default and it was gone OK..... thank you Jeff...... Now I'm trying to setup a working www.youtube.com visualizzation. Thankyou Jeff.. Vinnie
  3. language pack issue

    Good morning ~Jeff, I tried to apply your direction on debian wiki, and now I have only the submenu "Run Everything" at the first level in italian. Quiet Good; It is possible to have the rest of the menĂ¹ in italian? and what is the way? thank you very much.
  4. language pack issue

    thank you ~Jeff I'll try tomorrow morning and I'll feed back you tomorrow on this forum. thanks to all friends. wrote from gtab
  5. language pack issue

    excuse for my bad english. I have a big issue. I'm trying to setup italian localization (Language pack) on bodhi Linux running correctly on raspberry PI rev.B. Os is great perfect for my soons; but i need to put in italian. The automatic app setup doesn't work correctly for the Language pack. I tryed to do sudo apt-get update but with no good response. What can I must try? p.s. excuse me I'm not very able to post on forums I hope my post is done correctly.