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  1. Garheade

    Old links in Forums pages

    @Charles, we're looking into it. My initial tests are showing it's only taking 0.42 seconds to load. Can you test to see what your local load times are?
  2. Garheade

    jnlp file

    Have you installed the icedtea-netx plugin? sudo apt-get install icedtea-netx Once that's done, you should be able to launch the .jnlp with: javaws filename.jlnp
  3. Garheade

    WIFI USB? Software install from USB?

    I highly recommend using an Alfa USB Wifi adapter. Alfa is known for working with Linux OOTB and are really reasonably priced. http://www.dx.com/p/alfa-1200mw-802-11b-g-n-long-range-54mbps-usb-2-0-wifi-wireless-network-adapter-w-antenna-green-72140?tc=USD&gclid=CjwKEAiA9qCnBRCb7ZDhvaHSyicSJABGFFHtS8aBXk6lN7WMbY7n4K8YrlrH9vxkGTJxf2--u17M5BoCScbw_wcB#.VOkMZXXN9TA
  4. I use LVM (unencrypted) regularly on one of my older machines. As I get new (read old but re-purposed) hard drives, I use LVM to expand the storage. If you aren't doing encryption or changing hard disks LVM is probably not a good choice.
  5. Garheade


    Archemone, upgrading is recommended since it gives you newer applications and such. With you're hardware, you should probably run the Legacy version which will give you the E17 desktop.
  6. Garheade

    Typo on "Selecting the Correct ISO Image"

    bwbritt86, believe it or not, windows has PAE issues too. If you run windows 7 x32, the system won't use more than 4GB of RAM, even if you have more physically available.
  7. Garheade

    Terminology gains tabs!

    This is correct, each tab is a new shell and sudo permission in one will not carry over to the other shell.
  8. Garheade

    Alfa AWUS036NH

    Can't tell if you're being snarky or not but 'watch dmesg' will tell you what the system is doing as it does it. The '| tail -20' is just telling the terminal how much to display at a given time. If you run watch "dmesg | tail -20" will show you the last 20 lines of activity. (you might need to run the command with sudo now that I think about it.) If you run the command and then plug in the wifi dongle, it might tell you where the system is hanging.
  9. Garheade

    Alfa AWUS036NH

    What Alfa are you using? (Edit: I see now) My Alfa AWUS036H works just fine. You can try watching dmesg as you plug in the device: watch "dmesg | tail -20" This will likely tell you what the system is attempting to do before it freezes.
  10. Garheade

    [SOLVED] touchpad tapping

    Updated topic to SOLVED
  11. Garheade

    Linux on Television?

    Ah yes, Garcia, the woman with the rubber keyboard that clicks louder than my mechanical.
  12. Garheade

    Quick Start Guide Wiki Conversion

    There is a significant challenge that needs to be tackled with the Bodhi Quick Start Guide. Currently, the QSG is formatted to look and function within the old Bodhi Website. This has the advantage of looking really pretty to the end users when they view it as a local website on a fresh install of Bodhi. The challenge ahead of us is that we need to strip all the extra formatting from it in order to get it to work with the new Wordpress/Wiki. This is made even more difficult by having the QSG spread across multiple Pages. I have a few thoughts on how to go about completing this task: 1. We can strip all of the formatting from the Quick Start Guide and place it in the wiki as a single page. Then print the wiki page to PDF manually adding tags and such for navigation. 2. We can leave and update the SQG as is and only strip the formatting when we move it into the wiki. 3. We can strip all but the most basic formatting out so that it works with the new wiki and put the more basic looking version of the QSG onto the local machines. Each of these will require a slightly different approach to implement but perhaps some of you can think of other ways we might be able to use to get around this? -G
  13. Garheade

    FOSS alternatives to commercial services

    I've been using MyKolab for about 4 months now. You can host your own Kolab server or you can pay for the MyKolab service. MyKolab is fairly inexpensive, is hosted in Switzerland to help ensure privacy and is based on FOSS code and principles. I'd highly recommend it. -G
  14. Garheade

    How to tell actual memory usage of an app?

    Correct, Midori currently doesn't support enough HTML5 to work with gmail's more advanced interface. You can use gmail in Midori with older HTML version which isn't very pretty but it works. [Edit] Gmail is working fine with Midori in the 3RC-R installation.
  15. Garheade

    [Solved] Gigolo need additional dependencies?

    Marked topic as solved.