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  1. Awesome Idea!!! It solved my problem, Thanks for the answer :)
  2. My OS is Moksha 3.1.0 & I messed up my repository while I tried to install wine. Now there are some duplicate entries & I think I deleted some entries. Please tell me how can I restore default list..(Also tell which repositories are selected by default in fresh Moksha installation because I want to go back to fresh installation state)
  3. You are right, bodhibuilder is not there & Remastersys is there. I have installed Remastersys & checking its usability. Please note that this Remastersys is not starting directly through 'Run Everything' due to 'esudo' problem. I had to add 'esudo' ( through Launch -> Edit Application Entry) to make it work.. again there are two entries of Remastersys in 'Run Everything'
  4. I have installed Moksha OS 3.1.0 on my laptop and installed all necessary software. Now I want to create exact copy of this OS (I don't want to spend all that time again to get all those software and themes) so that I can install it on my home PC. I don't know how to use AptonCd, (because I tried it once, but could not understand what to do). Please tell me the exact method so that I can make exact copy of my OS and install it on another PC without any glitches. (as we install fresh Bodhi OS without any glitches)
  5. By considering your suggestion, there are two questions, 1) As I said in post #11, I generally use apt-get update, apt-get upgrade for updating purpose then if I had downloaded old packages, then shouldn't these command upgrade it to newer version. 2) I used these two command once again just now to make sure that I will have latest repository but strange thing is that my synaptic package manager showing 'synaptics 1.81.1' marked as if I have already installed it but when I go to Help > About then it shows older version i.e. synaptic 0.81.1. Why is it so??? (Very Childish it would look to you but I really don't know how to attach image file because I could not locate 'Attachment icon' , otherwise I would have sent you screenshot. It would be nice of you to tell me where is it, so that I can send you screenshots when it is necessary??)
  6. It worked .. Now I can see two entries but at different location i.e one in 'other' and another in 'System Tools' (I think, that's what it suppose to be ). Thanks for suggesting new command, I will keep this in mind in next upgrading..
  7. My synaptic version is 0.81.1 which I installed from Moksha's official software source i.e http://www.bodhilinux.com/a/synaptic/ & I have not edited it's launcher...
  8. No sir, its not going.. I generally use 'apt-get update, apt-get upgrade' commands to update my system & I just use it and it comes with following output shreyas@wisdom:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade [sudo] password for shreyas: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages have been kept back: bodhi-desktop-moksha bodhi-profile-moksha virtualbox-guest-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 5 not upgraded. shreyas@wisdom:~$ Which kept 5 packages from upgrading, then I use eepDater & I selected all these packages to upgrade & now eepDater saying 'your system is fully up to date!' but still these two entries of synaptic is there.. why is it so??.. (Also, Please suggest me why 'apt-get upgrade' is keeping some packages back from upgrading & should I only use eepDated for updating purpose)
  9. Thanks Graywizardlinux & Jeff for answering, I always update my system as soon as I start my PC therefore Graywizard could be right that this could be problem caused by some update but as Jeff suggested, I did my update again and this update has solved the problem & I will marked it as SOLVED, but there are two listing under Applications > Other > Synaptic Package Manager (2 times). is it the part of update? (Actually it is not causing any problem because both are working fine. But just for my knowledge..)
  10. I am using Moksha 3.1.0 & when try to start synaptic though desktop menu i.e Applications > Preferences > Synaptic Package Manager then it is not starting and generating some message 'Moksha was unable to run the application: synaptic-pkexec' but if I try to start Synaptic in terminal by using 'sudo synaptic' it start as usual. Whats the problem?? just for your information, I run command sudo nano /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop and the output is Name=Synaptic Package Manager GenericName=Package Manager Comment=Install, remove and upgrade software packages Exec=synaptic-pkexec Icon=synaptic Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=PackageManager;GTK;System;Settings; NotShowIn=KDE; X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=synaptic
  11. Thank you sir, I will keep this in my mind. Thank you for answering me. I mark it as a SOLVED.
  12. I found out the problem, it was in version. I removed the Transmission 2.84 & its PPA & downloaded the old version which was available by default in Synaptics i.e Transmission 2.75 (13675) & it started working as usual. Thanks for paying attention on my problem.. Just for curiosity, should I only prefer application from Synaptics which is available by default & avoid PPA application, so that I would not face this kind of problem again??? In which condition, we should go for PPA way??
  13. Yes sir, I am using Bodhi 2.4.0 & my Transmission version is 2.84 (14307). I didn't asked this on Transmission forum because I though,t it could be some integration problem of Transmission with bodhi because it was working before 5 days very fine and now it has sullenly stopped. would you suggest to remove Transmission & use some other torrent client if Transmission is giving problem...
  14. I typed as you suggested 'transmission-gtk' in terminal. After typing this, cursor wait for Two minutes and output comes as 'connect: Connection timed out' .My Internet connection is absolutely OK. & Transmission-gtk window popped up automatically after Five minute and this time, the message on terminal is 'WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-kpqc66/pkcs11: No such file or directory' and everything has stopped too. I can see my torrent listed in transmission window but nothing is downloading..
  15. Suddenly my 'Transmission torrent client' is not activating as I click on its Icon. It comes up only after 10-15 minutes. All other application e.g. Firefox, filemanager starts immediately as soon as I click on it. What's the problem?? Why it is taking so much time???