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  1. Assel

    Jobs and stuff

    I work as a mechanical engineer and am a mechanic with all my heart. Because of the work I travel a lot in the world. So far I have been to Romania, Hungary, France, India, Spain, South Korea and in the USA / Mexico in September. I love my job. In my spare time, I repair everything that my family and friends bring me. From mobile phone display to lawnmowers, bikes and cars. In addition, I try to maintain my house and at times create a beautiful garden. By the way I build PCs as desired along and try the elderly, especially my father (77) to teach how to use the PC. Aaahhh and I am passionate mountain biker.
  2. Assel

    Why not upgrades between major Bodhi versions?

    <irony> It is so you stay fit in installing operating systems and if you can not, you should ask someone and maintain social contacts. </irony> I think this is a good way to learn. To set up a new Linux system is much easier as to set up a windows system. Normally you can work with a newly Linux System after 30 minutes. Try this with a windows system...... Head up, fix your crown and look forward.
  3. Assel

    Scan program

    Tiiihhiiihihime was on my side, yesterday. Okay, stop that creepy singing. I have tried XSane with the multipage function and it works very good. This drop-down menu I have totally overlooked... Also I have tried Simplescan but the look and feel is nothing for me. The procedure with scanning page by page and combining it after is a great hint too but it takes a lot of time. I will keep this in mind. Now going to the second step and try to find a OCR software which can "read" this ancient font cause I can only read 50% of it. Thanks a lot.
  4. Assel

    Scan program

    Sorry but I have'nt had time to test yet. Will give it a try on my weekend. Thanks for the answers.
  5. Assel

    Scan program

    Hello, My father asked me to archive some old documents from his parents. These documents are nearly 80 years old and written in an old german style called Sütterlin. So, the first problem is that I have to scan some small books. I can scan them page by page but after that I have 20 documents and I want all the pages in one document. XSane is okay but the time for changing a page is to short to handle such an old document. The final question is: Which scan program are you using and why? Greetings from Germany
  6. Assel

    farm life

    This looks like a lot of work. Just as you always describe it. But to find the inner peace in the evening and to look at what one has done the day is invaluable. If ever I should be near, I'll come over and mow the lawn with the tractor.
  7. Assel

    Cellphone not detected in Bodhi

    Try the Sunflower Commander. I have had good experiences with my phone.
  8. Assel

    Hello from Bavaria

    Hello from Lower Saxony.
  9. Yes, ripperx is very good but sometimes the cddb query is not exactly, especially with samplers are many errors. Lately I have ripped a lot with Deadbeef. It is easy to use and the result is very good. And you don't have to install all the KDE libs as you need for k3b.
  10. Assel

    Gdebi installer not working

    Try sudo apt-get install gdebi-bodhi-launcher That fixed it for me after purging and reinstall gdebi.
  11. Assel

    [Solved] quick filter in synaptic

    Thanks a lot Ylee!
  12. Assel

    [Solved] quick filter in synaptic

    Same here. IndexError: list index out of range
  13. Assel

    What OS do hackers like to use....

    BTW. the look of Parrot Security OS is very nice... http://techlog360.com/2015/10/top-15-favourite-operating-systems-of-hackers/ Is someone is able.... No forget it, it has Priority F.
  14. Assel

    linux smartphone

    Give this a try. http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Devices#vendor=; It is a Google-free Android Community OS. You have to flash your phone but it is quite easy to do.
  15. Assel

    Quake 2 game

    Hello Give me 1 day for searching and loading it up to somewhere.