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  1. mabier

    Thank you to a wonderful MOD!!!! - CHARLES

    My old Dell Precesion M65 runs very well with laptopBodhi 3.2.1 32bit OS, Bodhi linux certainly helps me by providing this wonderful choice ! It seems it is becoming more and more difficult to find sound OS with 32bit CPU support in mind nowadays . So I really appreciate that Bodhi linux is here !
  2. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    China phone maker Meizu(www.meizu.com) begins selling MX4 with Ubuntu system installed . Hardware of MX4 is better than BQ Acquaris E4.5. I am also looking forwards to update of Jolla phone which is said to provide a new Jolla phone with new Sailfish OS just as the one used in Jolla tablet late this year or early next year.
  3. mabier

    Happy Birthday, Declan!

    Congratulations ! Happy birthday to you , lovely baby !
  4. mabier

    Systray icons

    I am using Bodhi-3.0-e19's default application theme, at least I don't remember I have ever changed it after initial installation of Bodhi OS.
  5. mabier

    Systray icons

    Charles, I tried your suggestion (setting alpha value to 255), but as you can see in the picture shown below, the trayer, shown in the bottom right corner , still be opaque , only this time with a black opaque background comparing to a gray opaque background without --alpha 255 added . I also notice that sometimes the network icon may suddenly disappear uncannily.
  6. mabier

    Systray icons

    I have installed trayer and generally I am very happy with it, but I can not make the background of the trayer transparent even after setting it to be transparent. I also encountered similar issues of transparency with other apps such as yaquake terminal emulator, even though I explicitly configure it to be transparent, I still got an opaque background. I am using Nvidia closed source driver (nvidia-304xx) with compositing enabled.
  7. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    Generally speaking, you are right, there are lots of things that tablet can not do or is not good at, today I decide not to buy a tablet in the near future even though yesterday I almost completed an order for a tablet shown here (http://www.mi.com/mipad/). I also heard of Asus transformer and Asus Chromebook C201(http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Google-Goes-Crazy-for-Chromebooks-81897.html) which can be used as a tablet or as a laptop, if someone need to buy a tablet, maybe this will suit your need.
  8. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    I like reading e-books via Kindle DXG and I need to lookup new words in E-E dictionary frequently, but unfortunately Kindle DXG is slow, so it is not plausible to use my Kindle to lookup new words, I don't want to waste my time for waitikng the Kindle DXG to slowly do his job, I need a quicker method and I also need a relatively bigger display to lookup new words in dictionary. Maybe a tablet , especially a tablet powered by Linux will be a good solution.
  9. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    Fortunately in China Jolla Phone supports 4G/3G of China Unicom.
  10. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    How about a Jolla Phone ? Although the hardware of current Jolla phone is not fabulous,it is said this phone runs really fast and it also supports Android applications which is very considerate .
  11. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    Jeff, then Jolla tablet powered by Sailfish OS 2.0 will be your good choice. It is said that it will be availble for purchase here in China this May. I am happy that this device is not expensive !
  12. mabier

    Ubuntu phone

    Have a look at this link: http://www.ubuntu.com/phone What do you think of ubuntu phone? Will you buy one in the near future?
  13. mabier

    Poll: Life After Bodhi

    I am using Manjaro+Enlightenment now.
  14. mabier

    Stepping Down from the Bodhi Lead

    Thank you for every instructions and jokes . I remember as a joke of April fool's day , you said Bodhi would be based on KDE ,at that time I were fooled. This time I hope it still could be a joke. But if being a lead developer is just a way of making fun,then you'd better leave when you find new fun at other areas to follow or you just have no time to resume current fun. Gold can glitter in any environment, as a free floss contributor you are free to do anything you see fit. From the beginning of Bodhi-enlightenment project, I personally have received lots of helps from you , your responding speed is always fast which each forum member here can not miss . Surely this project is your dear child and Bodhi Linux is a successful story . I appreciate the sharing spirit,the good-willing of helping your neighbours and community. I remember during a certain period of time I found some bugs in Bodhi Linux and a vague idea of replacing Bodhi with another Linux distro emerged at that time , but I didn't change it at last because I cherished the special emotion,the friendly atmosphere of Bodhi forum,the enlightenment emitted from E17 and Bodhi development team I experienced during the development of Bodhi which is a precious asset that other linux distro simply could not substitute. Now Jeff is going to step down from the Bodhi lead, maybe this can give me an excuse to give that vague idea a second consideraton. If Bodhi can still be so facinating and friendly, I will continue to use it without any doubt. Finally I am very pleased that you are enjoying your family life and find your new interests and destiny .
  15. mabier

    Chinese language pack

    Rouchi, Could you please try this : open a terminal emulator and type : sudo apt-get install wqy-bitmapfont wqy-microhei , after intalling these two packages, restart your computer to see if your firefox browser can display chinese characters correctly .