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  1. Partition questions pre installation

    I had been in the 'something else' (or manual) page and I had not considered the +/- options on the left side of the window. I'm a bit bit fearful of clicking anything in a partitioning program unless its clear what I'm doing. Since I had passed the caution stage and was willing to risk it I chose the - and then added clicked the + which brought up the box to instruct the installer what I wanted to do. Then as gohlip mentioned... Then select the old debian partition to install as root (/). Thanks. Solved
  2. Partition questions pre installation

    I don't have plans to repartition or alter any existing partitions. I just need a way to tell the installer that I want Bodhi 4 on the same partition that Debian 9 is presently on which is sdb6. I do not want to keep Debian. I am hoping the installer has an option to not install a bootloader. I will run grub-update once Bodhi is installed. The only reason for this is I have an image I like displaying on the grub screen. This is not such a big deal I can always reconfigure. As for sdb2... one of the installers put it there. I see no need to delete it. I like living on the edge so I'll probably give my idea a go. I've plenty of time on my hands if it all goes south.
  3. It is time to put Bodhi back on my computer. I've had desktops and Chromebook c720 with Bodhi. This is not a high end machine... just a Shuttle XS35GT. The Ubuntu-Gnome holds all of my important data and I have a current backup on an external drive. My question is about the existing partitions on my drives and how best to get Bodhi installed. I have sda and sdb. sda is completely Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I want to keep it. sdb is a mix of Ubuntu-Gnome and Debian 9. I would like to wipe Debian 9 and install Bodhi 4 on this partition. sdb1 is Ubuntu-Gnome 368GB sdb2 is extended 97GB sdb6 is Debian 9 95GB sdb5 is swap What I thought I would do is boot to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on sda use gparted and the 'cleared' command on sdb6 (the partition I want to use for Bodhi). Once cleared is complete, do update-grub. Reboot. I think this will leave me with 95GB free space for Bodhi and the installer will prompt me if I want to use this space. Am I on the right track? TIA
  4. disable touchpad wile typing [SOLVED]

    Thanks. I did a short search but likely used wrong termonology.
  5. disable touchpad wile typing [SOLVED]

    Where did you find a fix? I have a problem with the cursor jumping all over the place as I type.
  6. Microphone support on Acer C720

    SOLVED... partially. It turns out my microphone on the headphones has a short. So when I used the headphones with the Y adapter I could hear sound but no voice in Skype test calls. What threw me off was that I could hear sound through the onboard speakers but the onboard microphone did not work. Now, with new headphones I can hear sound and the microphone functions with the Y adapter. :-( But still no onboard mic support. So I'm stuck with using headphones w/microphone for now with Skype. dmesg shows 5.988625 input:Intel PCH mic as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1b.0/sound/card1/input12... so the computer knows it is there. I had tried changing the default card for sound to card 1 instead of card 0 (HDA Intel MID which is the HDMI card). I removed pulseaudio by changing the autospawn setting and by removal. Alsa sound works fine except for the microphone. Now I have pulseaudio reinstalled and working. At this point I'm guessing this is a faulty microphone.
  7. Microphone support on Acer C720

    Yes. As a side note the sliders appear to have little effect on volume output on speakers (using a youtube video to test)
  8. Microphone support on Acer C720

    I'm trying to configure Skype on an Acer C720. Sound works fine in Skyp on a test call. The built in microphone does not. I have looked at Applications -> Preferences -> Sound. When I choose the Output tab I highlight Built-in Audio Analog Stereo. On the Input tab I have Input volume set to 100%. Connector is microphone . When I speak into the microphone on a Skype test call I get one or two bars in volume. When the test calls replays my voice I can barely hear it. Speakers work fine on test calls and Youtube. I have tried Logitech Headphones with a microphone with a Y adapter for speakers and microphone. Headphones work in this setup but not microphone. Any ideas?
  9. Dual Boot Acer C720 Chromebook

    I managed to install Bodhi Linux on the C720. The instructions here were excellent. One thing I might add is the time it would take to get from "press ctrl+d followed by enter" to developer mode was much longer than I expected and I would find myself backing out because I thought I might be doing something wrong. .... the C720 sits happily running bfgminer for the ASICs.
  10. Dual Boot Acer C720 Chromebook

    Thanks. I just purchased a C720. It is my project for the weekend. Partly to run Bitcoin miners and something cheap I can take to Bangkok on vacation. This should be fun!
  11. Dual Boot Acer C720 Chromebook

    After installing Bodhi and wiping out ChromeOS is there a way back to ChromeOS should one decide to go back to ChromeOS? To reset to original specs say for resale?