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  1. Wolfgang

    execute Arandr shell script at startup

    Thanks folks but unfortunately this did not work. Arandr allows to save current settings in a shell script. Very convenient, but I would like to have it executed automatically at boot /reboot. Following the usual instructions for start-up auto exec of shell scripts, I do not get the script to run. This would really be the easiest solution to a monitor issue, but I am unable to figure this out. Any suggestions on the question of how to exec the arandr script at boot will be much appreciated. thanks, w
  2. I would like to execute an arandr shell script at startup. No success following general instructions for startup shell scripts. Any ideas? Seems the only way to get Bodhi default to the external monitor at startup as only screen output device.
  3. Wolfgang


    I am using an Intel Core 2 duo internal video. Useful for people moving to Linux would be information about the location of the xorg.conf file and details about the required edits. Given all the advantages of Bodhi I am perfectly willing to invest time; however, there are so many complaints about the multi-monitor issue in Linux floating around that some improvements would really help to make it more useful.
  4. The weather forecast module reports windchill in Fahrenheit even when the general setting is Celsius. Stupid, and I mean really stupid bug. Embarrassing.
  5. Wolfgang


    Bodhi Linux is a great piece of software, but certain annoying things must be improved. Today, many people work with more than one monitor. It is terribly annoying to do that with Bodhi. I have not found out a way to make Bodhi automatically start with the correct monitor configuration. Every time I start I have call the configuration file and apply it again. Should it not be possible that the system recognizes the monitor configuration automatically? Ubuntu does without problems.
  6. I noticed highly unstable and generally low (max 72 Mbs) connection speeds with various chipsets - Intel, Broadcomm, Atheros, Realtek, Mediatek. There are numerous postings in Ubuntu forums on this matter; are there working solutions? I tried changes to DNS lookup procedures and IPV6 (disabled), to no avail. Since I have been able to resolve all other issues step by step, this is probably the most annoying remaining problem. In general I am more and more convinced that Bodhi is the best distribution. Just a few suggestions on software to be included in the appcenter, and management of multiple monitors. Really impressive work!
  7. An issue that I cannot figure out: on a brandnew installation on a Thinkpad R500 3 GHz the menu item 'All' is missing from the Main Menu>Settings submenu. I had the issue on the same machine before and did a clean re-install, problem reappears. Even stranger: on an almost identical Thinkpad R500 this problem does not appear! Thanks.
  8. Wolfgang

    bluetooth speaker connection

    Thanks much. I deinstalled blueman, installed gnome-bluetooth and the pulse-audio bluetooth module.However, when trying to start the bluetooth applet I am getting GTk warnings 'Theme parsing error horizontal and vertical offsets are required'. The applet does not start, hence I cannot connect. Further suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Wolfgang

    bluetooth speaker connection

    I am unable to connect to a bluetooth (JBL) speaker with a BT 4.0 adapter. The plan is to stream music to the speaker. Blueman finds the adapter and other bluetooth devices, but does not find the speaker. Thank you for suggestions.