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  1. disadjusted

    Looking for someone to make a Logo + Glow

    would it probably help to supply the text/logo as SVG not only PNG?
  2. disadjusted

    instantbird (mozilla)

    PS: is there more to this than that? https://wiki.debian.org/BuildingTutorial in case i want to try it
  3. disadjusted

    instantbird (mozilla)

    okay no worries... isn't an issue (at least not for me, was thinking about great majority) to install it manually, but keeping it up to date will be another one i guess...
  4. disadjusted

    instantbird (mozilla)

    http://instantbird.com/ latest source: http://instantbird.com/downloads/1.5/instantbird-1.5.src.tgz sorry, can't find .deb
  5. disadjusted

    Exterminator is on the AppCenter

    yeah, that's what i thought. anything i can do to help you with diagnosis?
  6. disadjusted

    Exterminator is on the AppCenter

    in the XFCE task manager you can likewise choose the refresh rate between 500ms and 10s. even on 500ms it's just 4%. PS: and that doesn't explain why it gets worse over time. isn't a complaint, wanted to report a bug. or investigate whether it's only me experiencing this. just sayin'...
  7. disadjusted

    Exterminator is on the AppCenter

    comparison between both freshly started exterminator and xfce task manager: http://imgur.com/9dokZj8
  8. disadjusted

    Exterminator is on the AppCenter

    freshly started it's between 5 and 12%, leaving it in the background for the while increases the percentage over time... worst case was about 40% so far... still too much for any kind of task manager i think. therefore asking whether that could be a bug or a loop or sth similar...
  9. disadjusted

    Exterminator is on the AppCenter

    i thought that 30% on a core duo can't be normal, especially not when hogging this over several minutes. i was wondering why my cpu clock and heat was going up while my laptop has been effectively ideling and i tend to stop scripts in firefox (which you can see results in not using much cpu) can this be due to just "calculations"? but please correct me if i'm wrong!
  10. disadjusted

    Exterminator is on the AppCenter

    anyone else noticing / reproducing the outrageous CPU usage after letting it run in the background for a while? http://postimg.org/image/guayvwaip/ PS/OT: haven't been here for a while due to private issues, and now it seems the enlightenment screenshot upload doesn't work anymore, but this one seems not to be allowed, which one is?
  11. disadjusted

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    actually the m reminds me of eyebrows and the rays of lashes :-) so it's like an enlightened eye or so... haha
  12. disadjusted

    Default File Manager for Bodhi 3.1.0

    that was always my approach to it likewise. i didn't even recognise any obvious bugs. it just did the job and performed well enough so i even still use it. if pcmanfm (even the name is awkward) blows it up and doesn't fulfill the requirements anyway... perhaps we should stick with efm (mfm?) indeed. and perhaps just try to get rid of the bugs. can't be too buggy imho.
  13. disadjusted

    Things Moksha Could do Better

    just try the everything launcher, usually alt+esc :-)
  14. disadjusted

    Default File Manager for Bodhi 3.1.0

    sunflowerFM looks really cool actually. only thing missing for me would be a tree view. apart from that, it would have indeed advantages, to have a unique and desktop+FM combination, whereby moksha should be the only desktop featuring this FM, that could boost both projects.
  15. disadjusted

    Default File Manager for Bodhi 3.1.0

    well i can just compare to thunar and gnome files which i use alongside EFM on my core duo laptop with 2GB RAM (no swap) for different situations and for example viewing the SD card from a digital camera with 1000 pictures within a folder and each picture has about 8-10MB EFM does an outstanding job. i can scroll fluidly with EFM through this folder and enlarge the thumbnails to whichever size i want, they're loaded almost immediately, whereas both thunar and gnome files react sluggishly while scrolling, not to mention it takes ages until the thumbnails load. worth to mention probably that the intel GMA graphics card (or the drivers) are awful and i can't use any kind of compositing reliably.