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  1. SKrew

    Which torrent client on Bodhi[SOLVED]

    I thank you again Jeff and babel. Eventhough I installed Transmission also on multiboot Crunchbang 9.041 Lite, I managed to get something down so probably it works on Bodhi too. Tried Transmission on Bodhi,no problem everything seems to work fine.
  2. SKrew

    Which torrent client on Bodhi[SOLVED]

    Thank you Jeff and babel! I installed Transmission, and set a torrent file to come down, but so far nothing's down. Found it hard to find any how-to-documents. Perhaps the servers are busy, and I just need to wait.. I will mark this topic [sOLVED] as soon as I get something down.
  3. I'm still very puzzled with Bodhi.. this time I faced troubles in downloadin torrent files.. what is the name of the torrent client on Bodhi?
  4. SKrew

    [SOLVED]How to open PDF documents?

    I wasn't sure what you meant with Software page's link, but all I needed was the names of the PDF readers. So I used Synaptic to download and install Evince(I shun Adobe's stuff). Now able to read PDFs. Thank you!
  5. Hi gurus! I found troubles opening PDF ducuments in Bodhi. What is Bodhi's PDF reader? I tried Leafpad and OpenOffice but didn't succeed. Is the reader Document Viewer as in Crunchbang? Sam
  6. SKrew

    How to update the OS version?[SOLVED]

    My thanks, Jeff and Mark! I'm most grateful to you, but is it really necessary to use sudo when usin the root terminal? Sam
  7. Hi. I finally succeeded installing Bodhi RC2 to my laptop, and as soon as I did it, the RC3 came up. I'm sure it's possible to upgrade the candidate 2 to the next candidate using command line, but not sure how to do it. Is this spell correct (root terminal):apt-get upgrade os ? Sam
  8. SKrew

    Live usb ok, but unable to install

    So, I had enough and installed Bodhi through Live-CD. Now it works fine. Later will try the USB-creator. I really have not enough spare time to try would it this time work. I needed Bodhi for experimental use to learn terminal better. Thanks for help, buddies!
  9. SKrew

    Live usb ok, but unable to install

    Oh, U use that old computer, and still think it's possible to install Bodhi? Sounds great! Yeh, I was too tired(had a male son a few weeks ago), and even though I've installed most of my late Linuxes usin unetbootin, it's really not always succesful. Formattin the stick as FAT 16 might do the trick(presently FAT 32). I'll try again and again, perhaps I'll succeed. Still, waitin for the complete version..
  10. SKrew

    Live usb ok, but unable to install

    Thank you, Jeff! I hope Bodhi will fulfil my desire to learn the command line better.. here's whatI got: sam@sam-laptop:~$ free -k total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1017404 704512 312892 0 119424 433700 -/+ buffers/cache: 151388 866016 Swap: 583640 0 583640
  11. SKrew

    Live usb ok, but unable to install

    To figure that out there must be a command line spell for that.. what is it?
  12. Hi. I downloaded Bodhi Linux RC2 0.1.6, used unetbootin to create a bootable usb disk, the OS worked smoothly, the wlan opened with no sweat, and everything felt comportable, BUT I faced troubles installing Bodhi to HD; the troubles came up when I chose time zone,and the screen was stuck. Is it the normal Linux feature or because of RC, or did I just have bad luck? ..and I case you wonder, I tried only once.. The laptop is IBM T60.