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    HOWTO: Bodhi on Samsung Chromebook

    Thank you for your answer. Alexander
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    HOWTO: Bodhi on Samsung Chromebook

    It's my first post on the board and I want to say thank you to all the guys at Bodhi Linux for their great work. I've recognized that the official support for arm is dropped. Never the less I tried the chromebook image and the first impression is very positive. I have chrubuntu on the chromebook and the GUI of Bodhi Linux fits to my demands on such a device. Whats the point? After a update and dist-upgrade the xorg system is broken, due to a incompatibility between the glx module and the x server. What I've done: 1) download the installer under Chromeos 2) chmod +x the installer 3) start the installation: sudo bash XXXX.sh /dev/mmcblk1 4) installation and reboot went fine 5) configuration: locales, keyboard, timezone 5) update: sudo apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade with no errors 6) after reboot I'm in the cli and starting the xorg system (startx/ Enlightenment_start) stops with an error 7) xorg.0.log: version mismatch between glx and x server, major numbers are different (14 vs 15?) Question: 1) my solution is to pin the xorg system before the dist-upgrade. Is this the right way to go? 2) Due to the fact that the support for armhf is dropped, will errors like this one be fixed in the near future? Thank you in advance. Kind regards Alexander