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  1. wimc

    Full disk notification

    What a nice feature and simple looking.
  2. wimc

    Thank goodness for Bodhi

    Thats one out of few things that made me switch 2 or 3 years ago over to Bodhi only.
  3. wimc

    new wine is really niiiiiiice!!!!!!!

    Haven't had wine in decades.
  4. Have to ask, what do you mean by Pure Bodhi Linux? If you mean AppPack then of course you'll get alot more installed using AppPack version.
  5. wimc

    Something for coders :)

    That was interesting, I do like rock music.
  6. wimc

    Happy new year!

    Happy New Year Everyone.
  7. wimc

    Jobs and stuff

    Retired, and whatever I may do, is for fun and too keep me busy.
  8. wimc

    memory card failure

    Been only 4 days, still working just fine. And I still have no clue what solved it. Guessing best to insert card and mount it, usually click card to mount, when done using card unmount and then remove card. Perhaps, not auto mounting helped, and also not taking out card without unmounting first.
  9. wimc

    memory card failure

    Still working, have no clue what actually solved it.
  10. wimc

    memory card failure

    Been using Bodhi for quite sometime now, know some and there is things that I do not do, systems run extremely well, hate to screw that up. And what I mean by very slow, refers to taking my time.
  11. wimc

    memory card failure

    How do I get the log? Still have quite abit to learn, very slow process.
  12. wimc

    memory card failure

    Re-installed 4.1.0 (4.3.1 cd failed), fully updated to 4.3.1, anywho, it works, then failed again, now works again. Played around with PCManFM volume management changing everything, don't know if that stirred up something or not. Confused...
  13. wimc

    memory card failure

    This is started not long, and the way I always been doing it was fine, since first time installed bodhi. No difference. Side note: the memory cards work as they should on my ancient windows xp pro visual basic dev machine.